Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Starting Fresh

I’ve recently found myself in a place where getting online to blog has become a very time consuming thing. I run on a schedule that doesn’t allow me much “me” time and when I have spare time, I gladly let my husband and son consume it. I regret the blog posts I have nearly put together but never had time to finish or publish.
While plotting how to spend my time snowed in over the next day or two (Which didn’t happen! Bummer.), I decided I did want to keep blogging and sharing, I just need a simpler format.
And here we have it! I also found that my domain had been hacked by Turkish hackers, that was pretty awesome. So I was forced to move over much more quickly than I had planned. I considered whether or not I wanted to bring content from my previous blog, but considering a large portion was my professional work, I’m leaving it all behind.
So here I am, a bit empty handed but ready to start sharing my passions. I know I’ll be sharing plenty of the cute little face that brightens my day, my love affair with food, musing with my best friend (my husband, of course.) and various other interests that are just begging to sprout from head to screen. I’ll be making a handful of baby quilts this year, look forward to those too!
I’m crafty, creative and passionate about living life! And this is my little journey.


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