Baby Girl, EA

I’m out of the photography business, do you hear me? Good. But when friends, friends of friends or just down right likable people ask, I’m easily coaxed out of “retirement.” 
When EA’s Momma contacted me over facebook about her one year photos, I was not sure I would even be able to. We have a move coming up, I need to pack, maybe pull my hair out or hyperventilate along the way, absolutely busy.
I am so glad I took the time out for this special little girl, she’s a beauty. And while shy, she snuck me smiles just long enough to give me so many photos I couldn’t hardly choose what to send her mom and dad for preview. EA was actually one of the easiest one year olds I have worked with, she roamed but she stayed happy, even through multiple outfit changes.
And for a girly girl stuck in a boys world, I was melting with all the pink and dresses! Fluffy pink dresses!

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