Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July… Yeah, I’m running BEHIND. I’m aware, but I get to these things as I have time. I actually documented the day, a little bit, but as soon as the fireworks came out I had to put the camera down.
I may be a pyromaniac, just a tiny bit, I just wouldn’t burn down my own house. 
We spent the day swimming at my parents and stayed there to cook out. Izzy is a bit of a water bug, once he gets in the pool he doesn’t want to get out. It’s been raining all week and its driving him crazy!
He was also introduced to smoke bombs! We had them last year, but he wasn’t allowed to handle anything but sparklers. This year he got handle lots of fireworks and boy did he enjoy it. He would open the smoke bombs, line them up and then light one. He’d run off, watch it spew smoke and head back in for the next. He grew to love them so much, he doesn’t currently understand why we can’t get anymore. The word, “illegal” doesn’t mean much to him.
He also took his turn with sparklers, chickens, tanks, snappers, and pop its! I think he may like 4th of July more than Christmas… maybe.

Oh and snakes! Loved the snakes.

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