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It’s an understatement that life got busy when we moved into the house and I did several things to immediately make the house feel homey… but never got around to sharing.
One of the first things I did was make myself a little chalkboard for the entry way, as soon as I saw our entry I knew I wanted a board. Now I could have simply just bought a chalkboard, but where is the fun in that!? I mean, there is surely sanity in that but no fun. 
So I packed up my smart phone and towed the toddler down to my nearest Michael’s Craft store because they have Martha Stewart products. I don’t care what people think, I love Martha Stewart, she’s the DIY goddess. I knew she would have my product and she didn’t disappoint me. I mentioned my smart phone for a reason, MICHAEL’S APP and a discount coupon. Now my little craft has cost me a whopping $6, what a smart phone. 
I decided I was going to turn this old push pin board that has survived with me since I was a teenager into a chalkboard. It’s multi-purpose! Except after I decorate it, I never leave room to pin anything up… good intentions, good intentions. Cue the picture of the board!

And there she is on my old tiny dining table from Ikea, notice the protective layer of paper. I didn’t want my table to be a chalkboard, but in hindsight, it’s easy to scratch the stuff off of treated wood surfaces. I spared myself some clean up, that is all.
I suggest having a paper towel and cup of water handy for any quick clean up during the project. I didn’t want it on the wood and frequently wiped off any stray paint.

Ten points to you Sir or Madam if you use a Batman cup, like I did. What that ten points will get you, I don’t know, but you get ten points.
The process is simple, squirt the paint on the board and spread with a paint brush, it’s not difficult. Don’t worry about perfect coverage the first round, you’ll want to do two coats anyway. 

My one tip. Only put down paint when you’re ready to spread it immediately or you’ll get bubbles on your pin board. Oh noes!

After you get the first coat on you must wait and let it dry for at least one hour. Tick, tock, tick, tock! 
Once it’s dry, paint again, this time make sure to cover any areas that didn’t get covered fully the first time. And now you get to let it dry for twenty four hours! If you’re impatient like me, that’s a bummer. I’ll be honest, I did not wait twenty four hours for it to dry, I’m as patient as a small child.

So a few hours later I made my first doodle and didn’t photograph it at all. Winning the photo blogging thing over here!
But a few weeks later, I erased it and put up a quick and sloppy doodle to welcome my Mom and Grandma over for Mother’s Day… Yes, Mother’s day… I forgot about this for that long!
And then, I changed it again to it’s current state. I changed it on May 19th, oh how fateful is that. The first of many serious tornadoes came through our great state that day, the next day was May 20th when we got our own taste of nature’s ferocity

This beautiful state quickly plastered herself all over t-shirts, stickers, profiles, tweets and so much more as people pulled together. I haven’t had it in me to change it, it reminds me everyday that our home is still here. Even when everything around us changed, some how this place stayed some what normal.
Back to the board. The good news is, after it set for a few days, the bubbles went away! I don’t know if I could have stood for those bubbles to stay. It seems like it’s a little hard to clean, but I don’t have a proper eraser, so that could easily be my issue. I can’t wait for fall to kick in, aside from already prepping my wardrobe, I have plans for this board!

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