Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Changes to Our Little Home

Oh hey, it’s our family picture FROM LAST FALL… I didn’t have anything more recent of the three of us together, yep. I plan to fix this very soon.
There are things I don’t often talk about regarding our life, somethings you just don’t need to broadcast to the world. One of these things for me was my husband’s work schedule. Why? Well, since our son was born he has worked nights! And there are enough creepers out there that I didn’t feel the need to tell them all I was all by myself and a bit terrified, 5-6 nights a week.
But today marks something new for us, my husband was finally able to transfer to days at his job. I could hardly get out of bed this morning because I had a goodnights sleep! You would think I would have gotten those on the weekends, but I rarely did. My husband and I often stayed up late so we could talk and have time together because we hardly saw each other during the week. And during the week I usually got 4-6 hours before the kiddo got up because I was busy listening for sounds and just don’t sleep well by myself.
The past three years haven’t been a bad experience, necessarily, I’ve been forced to grow a lot. I don’t think we realize how young and immature we really are at 22 until life turns upside down and demands we be a functioning adult. I became a mother and then suddenly I was functioning almost like a single parent. My husband was at work or sleeping and I had an infant all to myself. I was clueless about babies and I think I had some of my worst moments during that first year. Sitting in the corner of my bedroom, crying, because my baby won’t stop crying and I have no one to help or give me advice is not a fond memory. But I do see where these things have made me better, believe it or not. For one, my patience has increased about 200% because babies and toddlers don’t understand anger, so there is no point being angry, no matter how sleep deprived you are. I’ve learned value in people, the friends and family that came to my aid when I needed to breath. And my husband, I cannot tell you how much more I love and value him now. Not only did my life go through a huge overhaul but my marriage did too, like I said, we rarely had time together. You know the saying, distance makes the heart grow fonder? It sure did, yes, it did.
Now I have my husband and best friend back in my life and I get to make my bed in the morning. You have no idea how happy I am to be able to make my bed! Or blow dry my hair, vacuum, put away laundry and all those disruptive things I could not do during the week. I wasn’t a clean freak when I was younger, just ask my Mom… Dad… Aunts… Grandma.. you get the point. But having a child in the house changed my entire perspective on dirty floors, dishes, laundry, small things on the floor and so forth. So being cut off from an entire part of the house really put a kink into my cleaning plans as did having to be quiet. I could SCREAM right now and not disturb anyone, but the toddler, who would probably just scream back. It’s a wonderful feeling, you can’t even imagine.
So that’s it, the big change in the house, it is a big deal to me! I’ve half considered putting on a dress, heels and pearls to welcome him home from his first day just for giggles. But I’m awful comfy in my running shorts that I didn’t run in today. [Achy knee, I don’t know what its problem is.]
If you wondered in hoping I was going to announce a PREGNANCY, well, sorry to disappoint. Not yet! I jumped in, eyes closed and no plans on the first kiddo, I’d like to complete my plans this time around. There is a campaign in my family right now called, “Baby Keener 2014”, we will see.


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