Labor Day Weekend - Pt 2 - Grilled Chicken

Happy Tuesday and technical “Monday” for those working!
Yesterday I bragged about my husband making homemade barbeque sauce. I’m hooked on it and no longer understand why anyone buys pre-made junk at the store. It’s not hard, at all. 
Today I’m giving you my opinion on grilled chicken, what makes grilled chicken good? Well, with any meat, a good overnight brine kicks it up. Sadly, we decided to grill last minute and didn’t get to brine. I’d sob into the chicken if it wasn’t still good. If you fly back to my fried squirrel, I put it in a might fine brine. These little niblets didn’t get to brine, but they did get something else, a good rub.
And guess what? My husband made that too.
He made the rub about a month or so ago when he smoked a couple of whole chickens. I didn’t photograph those and so I won’t be blogging them, crying shame, I know. But he had plenty left, so he coated the chickens and let them set before he lit up the grill. I feel like pairing a rub with a barbeque really adds the flavor, especially if they’re made to complement each other. He didn’t add any barbeque until the chickens were on the grill.
Now here is what I love, black. If the fat on those babies doesn’t get a little crispy and black, I’m not happy. I’m not saying burn the chickens, not at all, just get them crispy. He always pulls this off for me, black and crunch on the outside but still tender and juicy chicken within. This is how I love my chickens to be cooked.
Everyone has a way they prefer things, how about you? Is it the end of the world if the chickens get a little black or do you appreciate the crunch as I do?

Oh and here is a little difficulty I always face when photographing food at home. This guy here is always starving [like his Dad] and actually tried to steal my chickens. He did manage to take my crunchy drumstick in the end. Sigh, what is a mother to do.

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