Labor Day Weekend - Pt 1 - Barbeque Sauce

I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! Or considering it’s Monday, you’re probably still enjoying that weekend. Mine started off with grand news that I can’t share for another week. I know, cliffhangers. 
Something I love about holiday weekends… and holidays in general, is the food. This being the last holiday of summer, it means cooking out. There are many options for cooking out: Burgers, Chicken, Steak and so forth. I am sure there are vegan options but this is a carnivorous household soooo, we grill meat. 
We decided last minute on Friday to grill out as we have plans the rest of the weekend. This unfortunately meant no brining or smoking because I picked the chicken up just in time to be marinated and cooked, but life goes on. 
For Father’s day a few years ago I bought my husband a combination grill/smoker, to say it’s a smoker is a stretch but it works. I knew he was interested in smoking meats but didn’t want to make the leap into purchasing a real smoker until I knew he could and would do it. Why has it taken two years to get him smoking meats? Well the first year there was a burn ban and I’m not sure what last year’s reason was.
This spring he smoked a pork loin for his first, it was a hit. He’s been learning more and more about prepping and cooking meats since then. It’s absolutely wonderful for me, the guinea pig. And the biggest plus out of this is his interest in making his own barbeque sauce.
Before you get excited, I will not have a recipe to share. For one, he’s working on developing a recipe he loves. He’s made sweet and recently a tangy, but he’s not ready to call it done. And two, it’s not mine to share. But I will tell you all about it!
As we’ve began cooking and creating more on our own, using less store bought and prepared, there is a clear difference. Once you have a good, homemade barbeque, you just can’t go back. This time around he made two jars full, so we have sauce to last and I love it. It’s not just a red orange liquid oozing out of a bottle, you can see the color of the spices in it. I see bits of this and that in there, letting me know this stuff is fresh. You can’t beat it.
If you’re interested in making your own, just hit google or even pinterest. There are plenty of recipes are out there to get you started.
Tomorrow is grilled chicken and my humble opinion on what makes it perfect.

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