Labor Day Weekend - Pt 5 - Wiggle Out Loud

For the last part of our weekend, we took our son to the Wiggle Out Loud Family Music Festival. Another one of the many reasons Oklahoma City is a great place to live, especially with a family. The festival revolved around children with music, food, crafts and various other kinds of entertainment all geared at children. Our little guy really enjoyed himself. 
I didn’t get him over to the stage to listen to music and dance about with the other little ones, no sir. In true fashion of my little fish, he found the water and that is where he stayed for a solid hour. Spray fountain, automatic favorite. 
At one point, we convinced him to wander off, make a wand, get a free frisbee and tattoo but then it was back to the fountain! Where mom and dad got to stand and sweat it out in the sun while he played. I was tempted to run amuck myself, but I was in a dress and the visibility of my undergarments would have increased once soaked. Not proper, not at all. I was thinking of the children.
But, what matters most, is the he and so many other children had FUN. We were just talking a few weeks ago, my husband and I, about how we wished there was something we could go do as a family that was geared towards families. This was awesome! Oklahoma City is loaded with families and I really hope this event comes back every year. I know I’ll be more than happy to support them with my dollars.
For more info visit:
Or follow them on twitter: @wiggleoutloud
I only have pictures at the fountain… because it was his home. 

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