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Hello Monday!
My blogging is all thrown off this past week, I normally do it in the evenings when I have time alone. But with my husband’s new schedule I don’t have that free time anyone, it’s wonderful and horrible at the same time, but mostly wonderful. I’m an introvert and I just have the readjust to sharing my space again.
I made an excellent pot roast two weeks ago but I planned for three people to eat it and the tiny one apparently does not like roast. So I had plenty of left overs! Normally I would mash up my veggies [Potatoes, Carrots and Celery] and make burritos but I felt a little adventurous this time around and decided to make flautas! Growing up in West Texas, flautas were a staple food of my childhood, until I grew up enough to appreciate things like Mole and Carne Asado. I wouldn’t call mine “Mexican Food” it just Mexican inspired. I made mine with everything in them, roast and veggies. I enjoyed them, crunchy and delicious!
My son still was not willing to eat these but he was willing to eat his weight in sopa, I suppose because it was alphabet. I love sopa, maybe because I have better luck with it than I do with rice and because of the fun shapes.
Flautas are easy to make, you just need pre-cooked meat [or veggies] and corn tortillas [And vegetable oil!]. The one trick to get started is heating your tortillas. If you just try to roll them out of the package, they will break and you will cry. I sprayed a little pam in a non-stick pan, tossed the tortilla in, flipped it once and then pulled it out. I added my meat, rolled it and dropped it in the pan. I my pan of preheated oil ready, about 1-2in deep to fry. I fry them until the tortilla is crispy, turning them over a few times, and then it’s done.
Flautas are fun but far from healthy since they are fried! But not every dinner can be perfect around here. Sometimes I do what I can to keep food from going to waste. After I made enough flautas for dinner, I rolled the left over meat mixture in flour tortillas for quick pot roast burritos. I can store them for a few days, which makes for easy lunches [or dinner if I’m lazy]. Nothing went to waste, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

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