Labor Day Weekend - Pt 4 - The Last Cheesecake of Summer

The next part of our weekend included going for a cook out and swimming at a friend’s house. During this evening my son found college girls to care for him and adore him, as well as made friends with two cute pits named Boomer and Asia. We don’t hold Boomer’s name against him, he’s friendlier than a kitten [We’re just Cowboy fans]. As a guest, I brought the gift of my much requested lemon bar cheese cake and now I’m announcing for all my friends and loved ones, that was the last one of the summer. I have a slice left in the fridge that I’ll give to the sole winner of a battle royale, if you all want to fight for it.
They loved it and that makes my heart [and head] swell, baking brings me joy. Even more joy when others enjoy it! We spent the evening swimming and enjoyed burgers, hot dogs and such with our friends. Watch the travesty that was the LSU vs TCU game and I’m starting to realize I might like football. I am a little freaked out and hope everyone will support me as I deal with the traumatizing realization. I am apparently more like my parents than I thought, which is scary, trust me. I have fond memories of my parents, aunts and uncles going bat shit crazy over football games, very fond.
I’m not done with cheesecake for the year, heavens no! I love cheesecake and really enjoy licking the bowl clean while I hide where no can find or judge me. I actually had a request come in from one of my husband’s co-workers, something about caramel and pecans. Sounds like FALL! I want it to be fall, so bad, because I have new boots in my closet. And I’m tired of summer’s heat, even if we’ve had an amazing, cool summer in Oklahoma. But the boots are reason enough, right?
Good-bye for now, Lemon Bar Cheesecake, you carry many fond summer memories with you! Birthdays, baby showers and time with friends, you never failed me. I’m writing you on an index card and adding you to the recipe box along with the recipes from the Mothers and Grandmothers of my family. And maybe, just maybe, one day my own children or grandchildren will be asking me how to make you.
No pretty plate and fancy set up, this baby was prepped to travel!

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