Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Combat Boots

It’s finally feeling like fall out there, so it’s time to break out the fall fashion! I love fashion, I’d be a fashion blogger IF I had the budget to do so. But I don’t, nor do I have the closet space… and I can’t turn the spare room into a giant closet, as much as I would love to! (Someday we will have another baby, that baby will need a room.)
What I love this fall is the rise of combat boots! I picked mine up at Target, I mentioned being on a budget, right? Plus these puppies won’t be in style long enough for me to be willing to drop $100 on a pair.
Back in the day, about 12 years ago, I had my first pair of combat boots. They were much cooler back then, big ol’ platforms I wore with my shiny “Matrix” pants. I had style issues as a teen, okay? I thought I was goth. Yea, let’s talk about the boots, not my troubled style past.
So when combat boots showed up at the end of last season, I knew I would want a pair. I saved my pennies this summer (okay, my budget isn’t THAT bad) and got me a pair. I loved these from Target because they can be folded down to show the print and left up like a normal boot! Today I paired them with a few layered tees, denim shirt & leggings. I have socks all bunched up on top but it’s hard to see when it’s all black on black on black. I, the teen goth, don’t have enough black in my wardrobe anymore. I’m being serious, I have one black blouse and no black tees. But I have white and gray! With my leggings I also like to throw on a simple draped top, which is white, it’s easy to feel dressed with a scarf and/or jewelry thrown on top. It’s like having something as comfortable as sweats but much more put together outside of the house because I can’t leave the house in sweats.
I am also eager to throw these on top of a pair of skinny jeans! I’m having issues where my skinny jeans almost don’t fit well anymore, kind of a draw back from getting healthy and continually losing weight because I don’t eat all the bad food anymore. I’m not complaining about that, just my skinny jeans aren’t keeping up with me! Skinny jeans are meant to be skinny. And boy, my denim shirt is even looking a bit big… can’t win for losing, right? Life of a girl.
The combat boots are a big winner for me this year! As well as the desert booties, I’ll have to show you have I style them next.
Today’s photos brought to you by my iPhone because I didn’t feel like setting up my camera!


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