Halloween Costume Review: Batman in 2011

I disgust my husband and many of our geeky friends because I turned my son into a Batman fan… at least according to his last instagram video where he chose Batman over Superman. It’s an issue in our house, I am a Batman fan and my husband is a Superman fan. I have nothing against Superman, I grew up watching the animated series’ back to back every morning before school, I just liked Batman more. I think Cat Woman has something to do with it, meow.
So for 2012 I picked Batman! I was going to buy the costume, but as fast as my kid grows, it seemed like a $40 waste. It wouldn’t even last long for dress up, I swear. And we weren’t planning on formally trick or treating that year, so why bother with the fancy stuff? I went cheap and paired a batman tee with black sweats because it was going to be cold. Made the cape and mask and just tied a yellow belt on him. He was 1 year old, he’ll never be able to tell me how cheesy that was. I get it but I was going for inexpensive at his age! I’m investing more in costumes now days.
I did an entire photo shoot for my friends and all their kids, the only problem being, mine likes to play. I got one blurry photo of him as Batman and while I planned to take more later since he’s my kid, it never happened. Boo. Or at least I only have one blurry photo on my hard drive and I assume that must be the best one if I saved it. I’m reasoning with myself here and myself agrees.
So without further ado, my adorable Batman! [Play the classic Batman theme in your head!]
I cannot for the life of me figure out why this keeps uploading to horrible. Sorry folks.
Yes, I made that mask. It actually fit well when he wasn’t fussing with it. Parenting pro tip: Don’t try to put a mask on a one year old. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m not a pro.
We’ll be out doing things in costume this weekend [well, he will, I’ll be going as a Mom and my husband doesn’t “do” costumes], if you follow me on Instagram you can catch this years costume before it’s posted here. Username:Pandabeara or you can click the instagram logo on the sidebar to view my stream in your browser.
2012 is next and one of my favorites, forever. See you Monday!

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