Horse Tails For Sylvia - A Baby Quilt

My family welcomed a new baby a few weeks ago when my Cousin and his Wife had their baby girl. And I got to working hard on the baby quilt I said I would make! Normally, I make them when I know there is a baby shower, but instead, this gal had a reception. Which is nice because you get to hold the baby! I’m a baby holder, I love to hold them until them sleep and relax in my arms and then when they cry and/or poop I hand them back to mom! You can’t do that with your own child, everyone just stares at you when you try to hand off the dirty diaper. Unless you have a rockstar husband like mine, he’ll handle the dirty diapers, no problem. 
Back to the quilt. Baby Sylvia already has two older brothers, so I had a good clue that she isn’t going to be a huge girly girl. I grew up with one older brother and that’s why I am so geeky, I played and watched what he wanted because he wasn’t touching anything barbie. It made me a geek, a gamer and a pretty big nerd at times. Some how I didn’t think I turned out very tough, but he gave me a thicker skin than I realized and a no crap attitude. Perks of being the little sister! One thing I remember loathing as a child was PINK. I had little cousins that came from families of nothing but sisters, so I saw my fair share of pink. I have a feeling this little sweetie will probably be the same way.
My other clue to what I wanted out of the quilt was knowing how much her brothers love spending time with my Uncle and their Grandpa, who is a horseman and has turned them into little cowboys [And his first granddaughter, who doesn’t live in state, but loves the horses when she visits]. I have a feeling the new girl will be just a little horse crazy and a classy little country gal. 
My original plan was aqua, red, gray and white, but once you get into a fabric store you quickly find what will and won’t work in your plan. The only things I could find in aqua or gray were way too modern or zig-zag. I don’t mind those patterns, just not what I needed for this quilt! I needed dainty florals, polka dots and paisleys, it’s country chic. I searched around for inspiration and found a strip quilt someone had arranged to look like a zig zag, I saw how the quilting made it into little squares and fell in love. When my husband saw the pattern I drew up, he thought I was insane. It’s really a fairly simple quilt, I just had to be careful and take my time. Patience is something I’ve really had to work on with quilting. Rushing leads to errors and errors are headaches!
This is my last baby quilt for the year, I have other babies due next year, but I have time for that. I just told a friend I would be making her baby a quilt and then announced I had time to procrastinate! Next I have to focus on my son’s halloween costume and then it’s time to focus on Christmas. I do have another one to blog, I just have not mailed it yet, even though I told baby’s mother I would two weeks ago. I rock at mailing things out!
Anyway, I have a glorious photo filled ending for here. Just imagine how soft and puffy this puppy is. Because I secretly wanted to keep it for myself. I would have been forced to curl into a little ball to achieve that, but it would have been glorious. And fluffy.
I always try to give my quilts a name, and this one is Horse Tails. The way the zig-zag falls makes it look to me like a horse tail blowing in the wind. A Pixelated horse tail, but maybe you see where I’m coming from? I knew the quilt was inspired by horses and country without being too obvious by using say, horse printed material. Granted, I was mighty tempted by some horse shoes, but chose the navy paisley instead.
So there you are, Horse Tails for Sylvia.

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