Strawberry Cake

I went to pick up my son from my parent’s house one weekend and when I arrived he was running around making “Birthday Cake” for everyone out of mega blocks. I love the imagination! I started asking him questions like, “What kind of cake it is?” and he’d reply, “Strawberry Birthday Cake” or “Sprinkle Cake.” So when it came time to go and he began the ritual of dragging his feet, I offered to bake a cake with him. I had to make a store stop on the way home anyway.
He was beyond excited to bake a cake! Anytime I am in the kitchen, he has a habit of pulling a chair in and popping up to see what I’m doing. I even tie one of my aprons around him and normally, he helps out with whatever I am doing. Or steals ingredients and by steals, I mean eats.
I let him pick out a box cake and the frosting, he wanted sprinkles and I assured him several times that I had plenty at home, three tubs to be exact. I know, me buy a box cake!? Anything for my son. 
His father and I were busy make dinner, but I set him up with a bowl and spatula to get started. I kept stopping and bringing him ingredients and slowly letting him get it put together himself. It’s important he gets to do things himself, he’s so darn independent these days. The cake eventually went into the over and the wait began!
I mentioned testing his patience yesterday, this was a huge test. He wanted it to be done and when it was finally done he wanted to frost it, immediately. I told him they had to cool and they couldn’t cool fast enough! I assisted him with the frosting and then let him loose with the sprinkles. I recall at one point telling him I thought it was enough sprinkles and he replied, “Okay, just one more minute.”
Yea, one more minute of shaking sprinkles onto that poor cake. His dad wasn’t that excited about the high amount of crunchy sprinkles, but we all lived. He was so proud of his cake; I won’t tell him that mom doesn’t make cakes out of boxes until a later time. The next day we took it to his Grandparents and Uncle to share, thank goodness they ate plenty of cake. I’m a sucker for sweets, can’t keep them around very often.
This little guy loves being in the kitchen and now he’s started watching Master Chef Junior with us because he loves watching the kids cook. Maybe someday he’ll be a chef, maybe not, that’s up to him.

Hold still! Don’t move when you say cheese! Stop Squirming! Meh, I present a blurry photo. :)

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