The Best Chicken Noodle Soup I Have Ever Had

Cold weather is FINALLY kicking in here in Oklahoma City and I love it! I am a cold weather junkie, please bring me my boots, scarves, cozy sweaters and leggings. Not to mention warm drinks and FOOD. I have miraculously not gained weight since candy corn hit the shelves, not giving up all my hard work too easily. But I pretty much need a huge deck out in the country somewhere with a couch and some one serving me comfort food while I watch the trees change. I just love this season! [Disclaimer: In February, when the sun doesn’t shine all month, I will be begging for summer. I am a fair weather fan.]
We had some rainy, dreary days this past week and I knew it called for some soup. I braved the Pioneer Woman’s website and sure enough, she had an amazing recipe. But she also had a noodle recipe! I have never made homemade noodles, so heck yes, I wanted to. I had to make a quick run to the store for veggies and then it was on.
I put my chicken in to cook and started on the noodles. My budding little chef immediately pulled his chair into the kitchen and insisted on cracking eggs and adding flour while I worked the dough. Once the dough was far enough along, he took over pushing, punching and rolling it until it became smooth. Here’s my dough tip! Ree says two eggs per one cup of flour and I did two cups of flour. I suggest a cup or cup and a half because I had a ton of noodles! You’ll see that further along, not much broth but tons of noodles. Noodles aren’t a bad thing though. Once the dough was smooth and ready we set it aside and started chopping vegetables.
Yes, I let my three year old help me chop vegetables. He’s been watching Master Chef Junior with us and those kids cook so now he desperately wants to cook. We went over knife safety again and again and again and again before I let him cut the celery for me. And would you believe he rocked it? Not only did he cut it, but he diced it for me. Watch out world, someone is a natural in the kitchen. He got bored after the celery and let me handle the carrots and onion on my own. My heart then crept back into my chest as he walked away unharmed. I’m unsure if it ran away because it couldn’t handle him wielding a knife or the fact that he was being so darn grown up. Cue me sobbing because my baby is now a boy.
Now let me tell you what really makes the Ree’s recipe, the turmeric, color and flavor baby. Don’t skip any of her ingredients, except maybe the onion, she said you could skip the onion. Once everything is happily cooking, I headed back to my noodles, rolled them out and put it on a cutting board. I used my pizza cutter to cut the noodles, I wasn’t real exact on my noodle width, but I kept them close. They get fat when they cook, so be sure you roll it out pretty thin.
Cook the noodles as in her recipe, the 8-10 minutes goes for frozen or homemade. Now I skipped her last step, which was thickening it up with some water and flour. Here’s why: I had a crap ton of noodles! I warned you that they cook up thick, right? Well, I didn’t roll mine out thin enough, pardon me for being a noodle virgin. So they cooked up nice and thick and devoured the broth and the remaining space in my pot. Ack! I was able to add enough water to have some soupiness without sacrificing my flavor, thank the soup lords. This soup has so much flavor and color! My husband came home while I was in the middle of this and said our house smelled amazing. Plus, what husband doesn’t like coming home to his wife in the kitchen cooking a hot meal?
Now my photo up there looks mushy, right? Well its not! How dare you… that’s mashed potatoes! Do you serve your soup on mashed potatoes? Because I do! My Parents always did and I recall my Aunt Shannon doing it as well. I don’t think any of family members have made me soup… ya’ll just text me when the soup is on, okay? Maybe it’s an Oklahoman thing, but I have to have my potatoes because surely those fat noodles don’t have enough cal… On second thought, let’s not ruin the comfort food by using bad words. When I am eating something like this, I just assume there are no calories for the day. And then the rest of the week I get salad topped with greek yogurt ranch, sacrifices.
If you’re up for soup soon, give Ree’s recipe a try, unless you burn it or leave something out, you won’t be disappointed. I don’t have a recipe for mashed potatoes because… it’s mashed potatoes. Boiled ‘em and mash ‘em with a little bit of butter and milk, sour cream if you need extra fat… I mean flavor, because I always add the sour cream. I do. 
Oh, yes, I always have a few more photos for you. Including my child with unbrushed hair, I assume he wore a hat when we went to the store. 

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