Link - Final Costume and Photoshoot

Yesterday was Halloween, so in true Amanda fashion, I finished his costume and took photos right before trick or treating. I never made his “sheath” before, so he didn’t have it all weekend. I made a quick strap contraption so he could have his sword in tow. 
And the grand total of people who knew who he was? 3, One adult and two children, one of which was dressed as Pikachu. 
I made everything from my own patterns: The tunic, the hat, the bracers and his “boots”, well, and the belt but that’s not that hard. The bracers, boots and belt had button snaps for easy on and off, but he quickly found he could just slip the bracers on without buttons. Traditionally Link wears white underneath in the versions closest to what I created. But when I did a trial run with the brown shirt, I just liked how it looked and kept with it. He wore khaki cargos underneath because I wasn’t putting the poor kid in white tights and Skyward Sword Link wears similar pants. 
Don’t forget to notice the “heart container” hanging from his belt.

And let me tell you about how my geek momma heart went pitter patter when I asked him for if he could swing the sword and he does this!

If only I had some tall grass for him to cut.

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