Pumpkin Spice Your Oats!

I have to plead guilty as one of those people who wants to PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING as soon as fall hits. I do have the dignity to hold out for the first cool “fall feeling” day but then it is on like donkey kong. I want my latte pumpkin spiced and I want my pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced… which would make sense anyway. I already walk around in cozy sweaters and boots, real boots, I’ve never been an Uggs girl. I want real [fake] leather boots on my legs with knitted socks poking out of the top, that is what cozy is. And then I want pumpkin spice, because THIS IS FALL.
I made my pumpkin spice cookies last week and failed to put the spices back into the cabinet when I was done. The next morning when I crawled into the kitchen to make my breakfast, normally steel cut oats, the spices began to call my name through an eerie whisper. I always put a little cinnamon into my oats, but with its sister spices sitting there ready to be used, I continued to add them all. 
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger and a little bit of all spice turned my oats into a warm fall goo. If I wasn’t conscious about my daily energy usage, I would have turned on the fireplace and wrapped myself in every sweater I own. 
So how do I make it? If you read about my cookies, you know how I feel about spicing to flavor. You can use prepared [ie. store bought] pumpkin spice. I will look the other way as I silently judge you. I add the spices as my oats are boiling and then a little bit a sugar before eating.
WHOA! Sugar in my healthy breakfast? Heck yes. I am controlling the amount consumed as opposed to the fifteen teaspoons in a little package of microwavable oatmoosh, I mean oatmeal. I get one teaspoon, maybe two if I feel like I need a little more sugar. You can use honey to sweeten it or if you’re hardcore, no sweetening at all. I’m soft and delicate like the petals of a rose, that means I require a little sweetness. I balance it with black coffee, okay?
And that’s all there is to making yourself a wonderful little meal that screams “ITS FALL” without the hundreds of calories our beloved pumpkin spice latte has. 
Every time I put something like the up that is actually vegan, I think, “WOW, I’m almost a vegan!” And then I realize I eating meat for dinner, so I am clearly delusional. I’ll have deer chili for you tomorrow! See? I’m no vegan. But it is organic, free range, grass fed straight from the fields with no antibiotics deer meat. 
[PSA: You can use Stevia found at a local health food store for sweetener too. But DO NOT use low cal/no cal sweeteners, they are bad for you. They make you crave more sugar and can lead to weight gain/over eating. Just google ASPARTAME. It’s better to give yourself a little real sugar instead tricking your body with chemicals.]

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