Rebecca's Garden - A Baby Quilt

My goodness! This one is overdue, much like the delivery of the quilt. I made this one for my childhood friend’s first little baby! I wish with all of my heart I could have delivered it personally, but it just didn’t get to happen. This is the most complicated quilt I have ever made and, in my opinion, the most beautiful to date. Granted, I have a hard time passing them on every time. I love the things I put my hands to, my hard work, tears and a pin jammed up my forearm. It happened, I’m not sure how, and boy was it fun to pull out.
Pain and suffering aside, I am proud of this baby! Her only request was that it not be extremely pink and girly. So I set out to do just that and I feel this has a wonderful amount of femininity without being too girly. 
This quilt also holds one of my biggest quilting horror stories, I thought I was being careful, but I wasn’t careful enough. I ended up putting a block on going the wrong direction, near the middle and everything from there up had to be ripped out and turned the proper direction. Learned a big lesson on my need to be speedy, just don’t be speedy, at all, with quilts.
And then baby was born and I didn’t ship it off. And then we moved. And then a killer tornado nearly missed us. And then I put it away and forgot about it for a few months. I’m pretty awesome at gift giving, apparently.
But baby Rebecca finally got it in the other day and sent me an adorable text sitting on it, playing with toys. She looked happy as a clam and that’s all the matters at the end of the story.

And when your cute assistant offers to hold it, you always let him, because he’s cute.

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