Wonderful White Gravy with Sausage

Making good gravy takes a lot of practice and failures. I use to make gravy I thought was excellent but I struggled to keep it clump free and it normally got nasty thick as it cooled. But I thought it was great!
Then one night I had my cousin over for dinner, search squirrel on here and you will find that dinner. My cousin is a culinary grad and spent two years in Italy with her husband’s family where she cooked with skilled housewives. I took that opportunity to pick her brain about gravy and it changed my gravy for good. 
I learned about making a “roux.”
Now I get it, you can’t make good gravy without first making your roux. I prefer to use grease from my sausage if I’m making sausage gravy. Or butter will get you started if you’re meat free. You mix that with a little flour until you have a slightly thick mixture, but not too dry. 
Have your whisk and a strong arm ready, it’s time to whisk like crazy. Begin adding milk, about 1/4 a cup at a time, and whisk like there is no tomorrow. You don’t want clumps to form, so you must keep whisking and adding the milk slowly keeps from shocking it. It’s ideal to warm your milk ahead of time… but I’m a bit lazy sometimes so it goes in cold. So I must whisk like my life depends on it and pray my arm does not fall off.
Everyone’s idea of how gravy should be will vary, I like mine to be slightly thick and creamy like. If you want it to be runnier, that is completely up to you. 
I also put a little flavor into mine, salt and pepper plus a little bit of garlic and onion granules, literally just a dash or two of each. They’ll overpower the mixture fast. I once put a little paprika and turmeric in my gravy, that was amazing as well. Those don’t quite fit my idea for biscuits and gravy, but they rocked the gravy along side some fried chicken.
Once the gravy is the consistency you want it, add the meat and mix, mix, mix it up! Taste it to see if it has the flavor you want and check the consistency again. And that is it! 
I threw this on top of my biscuits I showed you yesterday and it certainly hit the spot. I really should not eat like this prior to Thanksgiving but… I can’t help it when I’m cold. You could also serve this on toast for that S.O.S feel, like the literal “It’s on a shingle because I’m so broke” feeling. 
I may not be back around until after Thanksgiving, if that is the case: “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Sausage Gravy
1/2 Pound of Sausage, Cooked.
Drippings from Sausage or 3 Tablespoons Butter
Onion Granules
Garlic Granules 
  1. Start by creating a roux, slowly adding flour into sausage drippings or melted butter in a large pan.
  2. Whisk roux until it has a paste like thickness, but not too dry.
  3. Slowly add milk, about 1/4 cup at a time, whisking constantly to prevent clumps. Add milk until you reach your desired consistency. 
  4. Season with salt, pepper, garlic and onion to flavor, be sparing with the onions and garlic.
  5. Add in sausage and stir until combined. Check flavor and season if necessary.
  6. Serve on biscuits!

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