Divinity is something I never had before until my husband convinced me to make it last year as part of our Christmas candies. It was something his mother always made when he was a child and he longed to have it again.
We got the recipe from his mom and made several batches to eat and give out. Mostly eat. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s soft, airy and sweet combined with the crunch of pecans. It’s simple but very delicious.

It’s not difficult to make, just more molten sugar and corn syrup boiling. And you have to work quick because it starts getting stiff as soon as it’s all combined. Of course, I found out this year, some people serve it cut into squares, like fudge. But my husband, wonderful and stubborn, wants it like his childhood. The first drops look soft and beautiful like my photos, but as you hit the bottom of the bowl, they begin to get funky looking. Save the funky looking ones for yourself, of course.
P.S. You need a candy thermometer for this one too.
I mentioned I got this from my Mother-in-Law, which means I can’t share her recipe. I won’t share what isn’t mine to share.
But I located one that is very similar and comes with variations to boot: Divinity on The Baking Pan
Another close second, just like the soft mints.

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