Merry Christmas with Christmas Candies

Why, hello there! I ended up taking a much longer holiday hiatus than I intended, but sometimes you just need to step away. Now I have survived Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, my son’s 4th Birthday and we are just two days away from enjoying Christmas. I’m a bit like “Elf”, I completely love Christmas and giving. Even with a small budget, I try to give a gift to the people I care about every year. I love to celebrate and attend parties dressed in sparkles or seasonal colors. I just like to be happy during this time of year and smile, smiling is my favorite. It’s hard always figuring out what to give people, so I make candies! 
Last year was my first year making candies, we handed them out to friends, family and even mailed a few boxes off to family in Oregon and Idaho. Last year I made cherry cordials, buckeyes, cinnamon hard candy, fudge and divinity. And let me correct myself on that, MY HUSBAND and I made candy. He’s like my overgrown, handsome, muscular, bearded…. elf. Sorry, I got distracted. 
This year we didn’t make as much, I only had a dozen boxes leftover from last year and we decided to fill those and give them out, like a special limited edition candy box. I’m not dead serious about that, but we did only make twelve boxes. I’m a little sad that we didn’t have the door step drop offs that we had last year. But then again, the 60 degree week would’ve made for some melted candies on my friend’s porches. 
Instead we took the boxes up to our favorite little coffee shop and passed them out to the friends we saw. It’s just that little bit of cheer I get to give out every year and will continue to. Maybe next year I’ll get to go bigger instead of smaller!
This year’s candies were Buckeyes, Cinnamon Candies, Divinity and the addition of Soft Mints by my husbands request.

I’m going to write up separate posts for each candy so you can save the ones you want instead of smashing them all into one big post. So, I’ll just tell you about my candy boxes for this one.
I got them from Michael’s last year, they are made by Martha Stewart. I think they ran about $8 per set, but I bought them either on sale or used a coupon. The set includes the boxes, trays, tissue paper, ribbon and stickers to make your gift completely put together. I did not buy a new set this year, so I don’t know if they had them again OR if you could get any two days before Christmas. I will probably stop by a few days after Christmas to see if I can score any for next year, on clearance. I love these because really make my gift feel put together. I have a present buried out of sight under my tree because I ran out of coordinating paper and cannot stand something be less than presentable [If can I help it]. So having boxes put beautifully together means a lot to me.
It’s all in the smiles people give when they get that pretty box and open it to find it just as well put together on the inside. It says a little extra, in my humble opinion.

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