Soft Mints

Soft mints or buttermints, were a first for me this year. I had them before, but never made them. So my loving husband called his mom for her recipe and that was that, I was making them.
I was happy to find out they are almost like making BUTTER CREAM FROSTING. Confectioners sugar and butter? Let’s just bake a cake! Actually, I already did that a day before for my son’s birthday, so let’s just make mints.
My husband insisted these be made into roses via a silicone mold because that’s how his mother used to make them. But you can just roll them out and cut them into little bites, which would save you a ton of time. But I’m so loyal I spent an hour pressing the dough into molds while I watching Wolverine. 

Soft mints recipe? Ha… I can’t give you that! I don’t give away the recipes my Mother-in-Law shares with me. Maybe they came out of a cookbook, maybe they’re passed down. I don’t really know and I won’t share something that isn’t mine to share.
BUT this recipe here it a close second: Serious Eats Buttermints Candy Recipe
I mean, that recipe it sooo close, you could almost call it the same. Almost.

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