Wednesday, January 8, 2014


My son has reached the wonderful age where everything is running off his imagination. He creates characters for his father and I to play in scenarios he creates. I’m currently in love with his mash up of Backyardigans and Peter Pan [Jake and the Neverland Pirates, to be exact]. He’s the good guy, based off of Uniqua’s “Masked Retriever” character which is pretty much Zorro and I get to be Captain Hook; his father is Smee. I love that I got picked to be the cool bad guy. 
He keeps coming up with little ideas everyday and it’s so much fun seeing what he will come up with. This cold day in particular he was bummed because his father is back at work now that the holidays are over and I declared it much too cold to be going out [20 degrees!]. So he lined up his little chairs, turned on Netflix’s Turbo series and brought a few friends in to watch with him. He shared his sandwich and drink with them, giggled and kept swapping seats. Mikey was an immediate favorite and Bear has been a more recent addition to the necessary friends for travel and bedtime. 
Being a part of a child growing and discovering is such a magical thing.


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