Mini Cakes

I mentioned in my previous post that I was using cooking and baking to cope with the loss of my beloved dog. I made a venison pot roast for dinner and mentioned making dessert but never got around to talking about said dessert.
I made mini-cakes with lemon buttercream frosting. It was one of those things where I simply used what I had on hand. And then I had to run to the store for powdered sugar because I was completely unaware I depleted my stock over Christmas. Lordy, that’s a lot of powdered sugar.
To make the mini-cakes you don’t need a special recipe, a box cake or your favorite cake recipe is all you need. Pinterest is your friend for a good buttercream recipe! I try a new one each time, so I don’t have a set recipe at this time.
The only thing you would need to seek out, if you don’t have one, is a muffin top pan. I am unsure if you can find them in a local store, like Walmart or Target, I ordered mine online a few years ago. [Muffin top pans make amazing cookies… I mean, they don’t make them, just the size and thickness is amazing. Sorry if I got your hopes of there for a moment.]
I stacked mine but I think they would be perfect served single layer for a party or dinner. I just needed comfort food, I could still use more comfort food.

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