Welcome to 2014, I'm Late, As Usual


Happy 2014! I’m still going through photos from last year, namely my son’s birthday, excellent! I’m late, as usual, to getting to posting. I mean, the holidays kept me busy and I just did not make any time to sit down and blog. Of course, I didn’t have a ton to write at the time and really, no inspiration. Now we’ve embarked into a new year and I’ve gone into a time of reflection and prayer for my coming year.
I have nothing but good feelings towards 2014, it has certainly began better. January 2013 started with news of serious illness in my family, I had no idea at the time if I would still have my cousin in my family come this time. We found out at the same time that the house we were renting at the time was going up for sale, we weren’t angry by any means but it was just something stressful to start the year. Mainly because we had amazing rent and amazing landlords, things you hate to lose. Not to mention a few other situations that were in the middle of crumbling, making me tense and tired, a feeling that followed me most of the year. In the spring there was the awesome tornado to boot!
But many great things came about, the impending loss of our rental home led us to purchasing a home of our own. A home that is truly a blessing, spacious and comfortable for my little family in a safe neighborhood. My husband was able to finally go to a daytime schedule after working nights for three years. Things were removed from our lives that were toxic and good old friends came back. We found a home church, a place we feel comfortable and feel like we are actually growing, plus Izzy loves going. I even managed to overcome obstacles in my own life that have held me for a long time, learned to love more and let things go, making me a happier person.
I have high hopes for 2014 and an overwhelming amount of peace as we come into the new year. I feel really happy, despite some things that should make me down and I’m really feeling the draw of something new. As last year was coming to a close, we had a lot of time to spend together, my husband and I, and talk about our dreams for our future. It’s wonderful to be able to unload your heart to your spouse and listen to his dreams in return. We see the people we were and how we have changed and matured in our way of thinking. I hope to see these changes begin this year as we continue to pray for our paths in life. 
Things I am readily open about saying I plan for 2014:
  • I plan to write more, on here, about the things on my heart. 
  • I’ll be working more on the creative side of my photographs, less photos but more creative and visually appealing ones. No clue who or what the subject matter will be. 
  • I have a few sewing projects I plan on undertaking with the possibility of sales being involved, it’s still under consideration.
  • Get artsy! I have so many paints, canvases, special papers, etc stored up from the days I felt like doing something. But by time I acquired the means, I didn’t feel like “doing it” anymore. Time to let the expression out!
  • Being healthier! I shed over 10 pounds last year and I kept them off, even over the holidays. It wasn’t through a strict diet but changing my overall lifestyle and how I viewed food. I want to incorporate healthier habits this year into my life. And tone up, could use some more toning up!
  • Be a better person! I’ve always felt I was a good person, but I’ve had rough patches in my life where I didn’t behave well with others. This is the year for me to be nicer, kinder, forgiving and overall, giving. This is all a root for me to be a happier person all around. 
  • Simplify. I often feel like we have too much “stuff” in our home, even when I know we haven’t accumulated half the junk most people have. I’m no longer worried about the haves and have nots, but I am thankful I can park my car in the garage. The new motto for this year, if it can’t be easily stored within my home, we don’t need it. Or something else needs to go. I don’t want a bunch of meaningless stuff filling my home anymore. This goes for my closet as well!
  • Renovate things around the house! It’s last on my list, but it requires more than just myself to pull this off. And I know it’s on my husband’s list of things to do as well. Removing wall paper and painting will happen for sure! If things go as planned, maybe we’ll get the kitchen done.
I don’t make resolutions, but if you want to call it that then I suppose I did. I want to make real changes in my life and really pursue happiness this year. I know taking steps towards the things that make me happy is the way to go. 
Ah, and now it’s all out. I’ve been sharing photos I took from my son’s fourth birthday as the post went by. It was the last event I photographed last year, I never take pictures at Christmas! I should probably remedy that for 2014. I never took the time to post about it and since I didn’t throw a party this year, there really wasn’t much to say. We spent it at home without a theme and no major money spent, with his Grandparents and family. Israel was as happy as can be with a cake and candles and a couple of presents. Bonus: We didn’t have to find a place for 50 million new toys this year! And the stress of party planning was not missed, never realized how much it stressed me. 
Here’s wishing all of you a happy 2014, friends! I pray it’s a wonderful year for you and better than the last. We’re all in this journey together!
[Made rainbow swirl cake! Never again! Okay, probably again.]

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