BBQ Rib Sandwich with Fresh Fries

Well, howdy!
I’ve been indisposed lately, I could list my reasons… many, many reasons ranging from the lovely respiratory virus my husband shared to the wonderful warm weather we _had_ that made it too hard to stay inside. But today we are being pounded with POURING ICE and some snow, so it’s time to cozy back up in front of the fire place and wish for summer. I love winter so much but at this point I am done with the cold, done.
I have been saving up photos over the past month or, how long have I been gone? Well, since I’ve been gone! I have food and a baby quilt to show for my time gone. And I’ll be starting work on a new baby quilt and I plan to share my progress step by step as the person I’m making it for does not follow me online, that I know of. It’s for a friend of my husband, I met his wife around four years ago when I did photos of their then, two year old daughter. Now I’m making a quilt for their FOURTH baby, so there is that to look forward to.
What else has been going on, my husband has begged me for a long time and finally convinced me to make bread. My delicious little meal today was the result of our first batch, which in hindsight was not that great. My bread now is AMAZING, soft and fluffy but I’ve taken the time to learn and read up on how to do it proper. Look how thin it is in the photos, definitely did not let that rise enough! [EDIT: My husband just reminded me that we baked it on a baking sheet, not in a bread pan, so it was wide and thin.]
This was lunch on a slow Saturday, the result of leftovers and too much Guy Fieri DDD showing me amazing looking food around the nation. I had left over pork ribs and decide to slice it up, make it into sandwiches and they were amazing. Of course, it required fries, so I sliced up some potatoes I had left and fried them up. Now my son thinks I should make fries on demand, this move did not pay off in the long run.
There is no need for a recipe for such thing, have meat? Have bbq? Have bread? Have cheese? Well, cook it up, stack it up and eat it. If you have onions, I think some caramelized onions would make this even better. The sky is the limit with an amazing sandwich.

I started with my bread, I sliced it, buttered it and tossed it in a pan on the stove top to brown it on one side. I removed my slices to a baking sheet and moved to my meat. My dad served up the ribs the night before so I had my husband cut the meat off the bones, tossed it into my pan and cooked it with the bbq sauce long enough for it to coat the meat and soak in. Layer it on the bread, top with cheese and toss it into the oven to melt the cheese. Voila!
For the fries, I cut them into shape with a knife. I hate having too much clutter in my cabinets and having gadgets like a fry cutter fall into that category… until my husband brings one home against my will. I don’t have a deep fryer either, refer to my previous statement, so I fill a small sauce pan with vegetable oil, about halfway, and heat it up on high heat. When the oil is super hot [I suggest banning children from the kitchen at this time if you have them. Or pets!], I put in the potatoes and let them cook until they’re browned and tender. Use a slotted spoon to remove the potatoes, now fries, to a plate covered with paper towel to catch the oil. I had to do this in three small batches while battling scavengers trying to get at the cooling batches of fries.
Not a healthy meal but certainly delicious, just don’t eat it daily. I haven’t made it since! But I made pizza recently, I didn’t photograph because it was my first try at completely homemade. I’ll certainly be doing more, so I’ll share it with you all sometime.
Now get out there and make yourself a delicious sandwich.

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