Initialed Baby Quilt

It’s that wonderful time of year when it seems like everyone you know is having a baby! Okay, not really, like two or three people for me. Which could possibly be everyone I know.
I was short on time for this one, meaning I had two week. So I didn’t feel like I had adequate time to plan, cut, piece and quilt a proper blanket. I’ve become quite tedious with my quilts and I guess I’m being a monster about my need for proper time. But after searching around for inspiration I found a tutorial on applique, something I haven’t actually done before. Which is where I got the idea that I could put an initial on baby’s blanket! Or at least I hoped I could do it… challenge accepted! I purchased fabric and some heat n’ bond and voila! I made a minor goof when attaching my first D, I forgot to remove the backing from the bond. My D stuck to the backing and not to my fabric, whoops.

Now, I mentioned I didn’t have a ton of time when I began this [make a note that I have a four year old running about], so I decided to HAND QUILT it. I have never done it before even though I have everything I need for it. My Grandmother gave me a quilting hoop on a stand a year ago and I have never taken the time to do anything by hand. This was just straight lines, no big deal, right? Thirteen lines took me four days, straight lines, took FOUR DAYS. The funny thing is, I found it highly therapeutic. I would spend a little quite time, sitting in my rocking chair and carefully hand quilt. Yes, I said in a rocking chair… I think I had tea a few times too. I’m an old soul.

Another thing I learned how to properly do was a seamless binding, if I don’t point it out, you can’t really tell where it begins/ends. And my corners, I perfected them and it made parting with this blanket even more difficult. But I don’t have a baby on the way nor do I have a name picked out that starts with the letter “D.”
I included with his gift custom burp cloths and little bibs with an elephant and giraffe on it. She said she was doing a jungle theme, so I tried to tie that in. Everyone tells me that my giraffe looks like a giraffe but I have this sneaky suspicion that he’s really a llama. I suppose that is just my critical opinion on my own work… but I’m watching you llama… giraffe thing.

Little additions! I walked into Carter’s and found the little Elephant set, could not resist tiny, cute baby things. And then they requested a book in place of a card, so I ordered my son’s favorite book, “The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot” which is a clever little take on “The Three Little Pigs.” My son loves it, the artwork is brilliant and I love the little quips the little aliens make about each planet [Earth is too crowded!]. Learning bonus, it lists the planets in the front and back of the book. My son learned his planets this way, he even knows he lives on Earth. I’m bragging, I know, what else is a mother to do?

I wrapped it all up in a large blanket box, layered with seafoam tissue paper, wrapped in striped blue paper and topped with a gigantic white tulle bow because my momma taught me to wrap things up pretty.
Baby is a month out and I hope he loves it dearly and drags it around until it falls apart. Maybe him and his big sister will share it while she tells him stories. Maybe he’ll have his first scoot on it before he dominates crawling. Enjoy the blanket, kid.

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