Polka Dot Gift Box with Twine. (I Put a Bird On It!)

Apparently I am a firm believer in “put a bird on it.” Look how cute it instantly makes everything! I’m mocking myself and that is okay.
The truth is, I didn’t have a special post for today, so I thought I would share this cute little box waiting for my Mother’s birthday. All this cute little stuff came from Target and they’re just a $1 each. The box came in a pack of three, the twine had four colors with it and the bird was paired with a flower (that went on another gift). It’s a cute and inexpensive way to jazz up a small gift like this one instead of just handing over the tiny box inside.
What’s inside? Well, with chance that my Mother may read this between now and her birthday, I can’t tell you. But I’ll show you next week!

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