Tulle Skirt 3 Ways


 Black Tee: Target | Denim Shirt: Target(Old) Similar here | Sweater: DIY Custom | Floral Heels: Forever21(sold out) | Gold Oxfords: Amazon | Necklace:Sosie | Tulle Skirt: DIY Custom

Apologies for my absence this week! I popped in with a photo Monday promising DIYs for a little fun and then life happened. I was sick for a few days and trying to get caught up on a quilt I’m making. But I did accomplish my DIYs, I just haven’t had time to share them because one isn’t testing out as well as I hoped and the other is a ton of explaining.
Starting with “the other one”, I have been admiring tulle skirts for a few months now, I just didn’t have the guts to buy one. Most I saw were super fluffy too, much more than I was willing to commit to. I already have wonderful, shapely hips, I don’t need to add to them! So I decided to go the “make it myself” route and use a circle skirt pattern. The skirt was super easy to make, in my opinion, but I forgot how much time and explaining would need to go into that zipper. So I’ll get up my how to next week, for now, here it is!
I immediately love how versatile it feels, it’s light and pink, easy to pair. I originally wanted to pick up a gray tee to put over it, but upon finding the tee I wanted, the gray was sold out in my size. Ah life. But pink and black always pair up well, I slipped on my floral heels and this new little necklace that arrived from Sosie just today. I wanted it to go with all my pastel florals but it was a near match for my skirt today.
My denim shirt is getting paired with everything this spring, I feel like it’s probably on it’s way out and I need to get all the wear I can out of it for the year. And I actually get to pull off that cute cropped look without being super revealing or “sexy” because I’m just not a “sexy” clothing kind of girl. I’m fairly modest and like things that have a more vintage or indie vibe. So I’m treading carefully around the cropped fad.
And lastly my sweater! The actual sweater is from Target, it’s much more snug than I anticipated when I picked it up for my project, but that works well with my skirt. I added the sequin myself, that’s the first project I spoke of. I’m not done with it though, I have another line to add and I have to break down and glue it. I though I could get away with just stitching it in place but the sequins are twisting and a few have fallen off. I’m getting there.
Lastly, I must point out the gold oxfords! An instagrammer I follow was showing off her (much more expensive) pair, adorable with her shirts and sweaters. I was having a “I must have some!” moment and after searching around I landed on amazon. I mean why not? This pair was a whopping $16.00and they’re on prime! Mine landed on my porch on Tuesday and I’ve worn them a couple of times already. They’re surprisingly soft and comfortable for such a cheap shoe, I don’t know if they rub the heel because I always wear an invisible sock with any shoe I can (To prevent stinky shoes). For the price, I have zero complaints. And they come in silver too.

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