Crostini Topped with Tomato & Mozzarella

Happy hump day! So far mine is going mediocre, I woke up feeling like crud but got up determined to get this post out. And then I'm going to go crawl back into bed and pray the toddler forgets I exist for the rest of the day. Which probably won't happen, so I'll bribe him into some quiet time with a movie and popcorn. Anything I can do to survive! [Though fingers crossed I pull out of this funk and can go on with my day.]

Today I have the best kind of recipe, the kind that does not require any cooking skills! It's all assembly baby, with a little bit of knife skill required. Just try not to slice of any phalanges, okay?

I'm going to admit that while I will probably file this as an appetizer or snack, it normally is a small meal for me. It makes a great lunch, it's not heavy but satisfies my hunger. Granted, if you're calories conscious then beware of the mozzarella. I'm not too worried if I know I'm keeping my calorie intake low and eating healthy foods. By low I mean within 2000 a day, which is easy as long as I am eating properly. Most people don't realize how fatty cheese is, it's not a diet food by any means! Pretty much anything made with milk will not help your diet, check the calories in ice cream, milk + sugar, not your friend, even if it's "healthy" ice cream or organic. But I'm not dieting, just maintaining a healthy body (though still working on the toning!), so I'm not super strict day to day. As a matter of fact, I made these while I was waiting for pizza sauce to cook and pizza dough to rise! See? Not super healthy.

All you need are pre-made crostini (I purchased mine at Sprouts but they are super easy to make), tomatoes (I used grape tomatoes), fresh mozzarella, salt and italian seasoning. And, of course, a knife and a cutting board. It's almost bruschetta just minus the balsamic vinegar and oils.

Step one, line up your crostini... these directions are so simple I could giggle. Anyway, line those suckers up on a plate or serving platter!

Cut up your tomatoes. If you're using large tomatoes, dice them. I just sliced my grape tomatoes in half, like so. Cherry tomatoes may need to be quartered to fit properly.

Transfer the tomatoes to the crostini all neat and orderly like so....

Salt and season the tomatoes to your liking. I'll admit these would be so much better if you had fresh seasoning, but I didn't! I actually tried to pick some up, but the nearby grocery store didn't have much fresh unless I wanted to pay triple for super sad looking herbs. Pass.

Now slice the cheese. I cut it into thirds, you can cut it as large or small as you like.

Transfer the cheese over and devour before anyone else finds out you made these. My kid will steal these out of my mouth if I give him the opportunity.

Now you could put these on a pan and bake them. If you choose to do so, I suggest making your crostini fresh because these little Sprouts crostini will probably turn to brick. They're good out of the bag, but any further baking will compromise the crispness.

This lady is off to do a little yoga, shower and pray she feels better.

Crostini Topped with Tomato and Mozzarella

  • Crostini, baked fresh or purchased "freshly bagged"
  • Mozzarella
  • Tomatoes
  • Sea Salt
  • Italian Seasoning
Arrange your crostini on the tray or plate you plan to serve them on.

Slice tomatoes and arrange on top of crostini.

Season tomatoes with salt and italian seasonings.

Slice mozzarella and add to the crostini.

Serve and enjoy!

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