Homemade Bread: Attempt 7

Goodness, this is my 7th batch of bread! I’m really getting to the point of feeling comfortable with my bread. I don’t need to even see the recipe at this point, I just know what I need. It was cold last week, so I used the oven to keep my dough warm and help it rise. I’m about 90% confident in my skill now, maybe it’s about time to try something other than white bread?
I’ve always loved baking and have started referring to myself as a tiny bakery and my husband is now seeing more and more that I’m going to need a stand mixer. Of course, being me I couldn’t just want a good ‘ol kitchenaid… No, I had to go off and discover Kenwood. It doesn’t come in pretty colors, but it’s bigger and stronger. I want something that will kick butt in the kitchen, but I may have to go with a kitchenaid for now because, well, there is a hefty price difference between what I want and what will ultimately work. Unless someone has $2,500 lying around for me to buy my robot? Well, I don’t either.
Dreams. We all need dreams. I dream of expensive robot like appliances for my kitchen.

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