Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday Tuesday! My post apparently failed to publish yesterday.

This weekend we achieved the near impossible, we had no plans and nothing major to do around our home. Aside from the normal necessary chores, it was mostly sweet relaxing. We'll get to the mostly part in a minute.

The kiddo and I began the weekend on Friday when I surprised him with a day out at the movies and the zoo. I knew we had to have our fun out and about Friday as we were scheduled to have some awesome storms for the rest of the weekend. The joys of Oklahoma living.

First stop, the movies! I took him to see Rio 2, which he had been begging to see. As I expected it was a cheap sequel to make some money for the studio, no where near as fun as the first. But the kiddo was happy, so what else matters? We also found out we can almost take out two buckets of popcorn together.

And then it was off to the zoo!

We briefly saw a lion, they're always hard to see unless you come in on snack day. But my favorite, the tiger was just posing it up. I don't know where the rest of the tigers went, I thought we had four but this is the only one we saw. I don't even know if it was a he or she, didn't catch a glance.

I made him take a photo in front of the tiger and got this face that says he is clearly doing this only for my amusement.

A wolf came over and said "Hi", he actually looked happy to see us. Maybe we looked delicious.

We saw an elephant getting a pedicure, that's pretty intense.

And then she did some tricks, I missed all her adorable poses but caught her playing dead.

I was pretty jealous of the grizzly bear enjoying a swim.

Mr. Handsome wanted his photo taken by the elephant which reminded me that we did this last spring...

Aw man... look how much he has grown!

Saturday was a different day and one of those not so wonderful motherhood experiences that will stick with me forever... and I'll never let him forget it either.

Hey, here he is being a good kid, helping me water flowers, not much to complain about here.

Then he asked if he could ride his scooter. Sure, why not?

I wasn't in the mood to go running so I slid on a pair of comfortable shoes and geared him up to ride up and down the street in front of our house like he normally does when I don't want to go far.

And so off he goes... but he keeps going... and going. I yell for him to turn back but he keeps going. 

Insert cursing.

I love my child, so I want to give him the benefit of doubt and think maybe the wind carried my voice and he couldn't hear me? But my motherly instinct says he's stubborn and thought he might get away with being independent. What followed was 30 minutes of running, yelling and searching for both my husband and I until we found him being escorted home by another mom.

Sigh, I should have been angry but all I had was guilt. I felt like I failed a motherhood trial because I couldn't keep up with, catch or turn my child around which resulted in me losing him! I was only relieved when we found him and couldn't find it in me to be angry anymore... though his father took it upon himself to deal punishment in the form of grounding. No more scooter for awhile among other things.

On the upside, I think I could run a 5k now... I ran about that and in slip on vans. I wanted to puke afterwards, maybe it was the nerves and stress, maybe it was the running.

Sunday, we just relaxed, for real. I continued working on my quilt, we made bread, watched a movie and spent the day in. We did have to manage entertainment for the little guy because he lost his iPad priveleges in his grounding and wasn't allowed to go to his Grandma's house either. Now you're  stuck with us, kid, hope you're happy. None of the predicted super severe storms occurred in our area, the tornadoes didn't start until the storms got much further west. After last years tornado experience, I'm good, no more for me please.

And those are our weekend shenanigans! The kiddo being the only one who pulled shenanigans, ugh. Next weekend is our anniversary, (6 years!) we have concert tickets, brunch plans and will probably catch our anniversary Marvel movie (they always fall on our weekend, so it's tradition to go).

Here's hoping the rest of the week is peaceful and happy.

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