Happy Friday! I'm enjoying a long weekend, seeing family and relaxing. I began a container garden about, oh, two months ago and I'm just barely getting a chance to share. Here is my disclaimer: I am in no way a plant expert. I'm more likely to kill a plant than I am to grow one. But I am really trying this time, really. I am willing to tell you what I do and how I'm doing! And if you are really good with plants and have tips, I am more than happy to learn. I don't pride myself on gardening, I simply pray hard everyday that my plants don't die because I hardly know what the heck I am doing.

I began with a really cute gardener, is that a good step? I mean I thought it was until he threw dirt in my face and I sent him to his room. He came back later to tell me he was very sorry (at his father's urging) but I never let him back on dirt duty. See? I'm learning things already.

Here are a couple of my plants, aww, they were just babies at this time, these are the pepper plants. There is a sweet pepper, hot banana pepper, jalapeƱo and orange bell pepper plant. I didn't pick them, my husband picked the peppers, I just wanted tomatoes for now. I'm picking one plant to try and get my gardening confidence up. We will see if these thrive or die under my rule.

Here are my "Big Boy" tomatoes... Or is it "Fat Boy." Great, I already forgot their names, let's just call them Bob. These are my Bob plants, I had a cherry tomato plant but he was sick and already died so I just deleted his photo. He has been replaced with a different "small tomato" plant but I didn't even think to photograph him.

Here are my cute tools lined up and photographed. I'm not actually using the cute hippo, he's belongs to the kiddo... That's my story and I am sticking to it.

And potting soil! I only hope this is a good choice, it seems to be working fine so far. Fingers crossed! I put all the plants into pots and they look about like this now:

This photo was from yesterday! They all look big and mostly happy, the Oklahoma wind isn't the friendliest towards gardens but we are hanging in there. Plus we have had a few cold fronts this month with lows in the 40s overnight, not exactly making the plants happy.

And the kiddo wanted to help water. Yes, he's holding the hose that way because it appears just as funny to him. No, I have no idea why his pajamas are inside out, he just insists he likes them that way and I left it at that. Kids will be kids!

We found blooms on our pepper plants!

And blooms on the cherry tomatoes! Sadly nothing to show on the big guys, yet. I talked to my mother about it and she thinks it probably hasn't been warm enough. We will see!

If you have any tips or questions, hit the comments! If it's a question, I'll do my best to give you a good answer. I did say I was not an expert, but I'm happy to learn with you.

I intend to keep you updated on my little garden, maybe every Friday, even if I just have to use my phone to get it done.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, I'm being called outside to see my kiddo hit a baseball, so off I go!

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    1. Yes! The kiddo has really taken to caring for the plants, he enjoys watering them and checking on them, he'll probably love harvesting them too. He will probably eat everything but the jalapeƱos and hot banana peppers before it makes it inside :\


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