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A Collection of my favorites from @shopsosie

Sosie is one of my favorite places to shop online. I have always loved my orders and never have returned a thing! From my experience the shipping has always been super fast, record time is two days from when I placed my order. Most big retail places don't ship that fast [I will not name a popular retail store that took two weeks just to SHIP the items I ordered]. Working with small businesses is always better for everyone, including the small businesses you're helping grow.

This morning I opened my email to find a mother's day coupon inside from Sosie and got a little inspired to do some window shopping [i.e. a list to send my husband]. And now that window shopping has turned into a post to inspire the rest of you instead of cleaning the kitchen and deep cleaning the bathrooms like I intended to do. Shopping will always be more fun than cleaning the bathroom, always.

Mother's Day is always portrayed as a old lady holiday, in my opinion. Most commercials and inspiration posts from major websites seem to lean towards mom beings in her 60s or in her 40s dressing like she's in her 60s. This is my shout out to us younger, trendy moms! I'm in my late 20s, I do not want a porcelain frame! I like clothes [or in my case baking/cooking items or quilting things work too, who's 60 now!?] and things I can continue to use EVERY DAY.

Here's my inspiration for shopping for the young mom, the stylish mom, the mom who isn't an old lady. It is ALL from Sosie to take advantage of that lovely coupon they have right now [$50 off of $150!]. Every outfit goes over the necessary limit to use the coupon with the exception of the last outfit, I have suggestions to stretch it when you get there.

Tee || Skirt || Necklace || Shoes || Bracelet || Rings: 1 & 2

I'm starting with my choice outfit because I LOVE, in all caps, that tee. It's the kind of shirt I could enjoy wearing when I'm put together and the days I literally leave the house looking how I woke up. Florals are huge this spring [aren't they always?] and I am in love with the trend. It seems lately the bigger the statement necklace the better and I couldn't resist pairing a bit of an unexpected necklace with the floral. We all know I love gold shoes, plus these have that wonderful vintage feel to them. Add a couple of dainty rings and a bracelet and I'm set. This is, however, the only outfit I didn't add sunglasses to, how does that happen!? May I suggest these?

Outfit Total = $153.50 (Sunglasses not included)

It's right on the dot [basically], take it as it is. NEXT!

I fell in love with that top at first sight, the geometric print is an eye catcher for sure. The colors are bright and springy but the style will easily transition into summer [just replace pants with shorts!]. I wanted to draw on the yellow in the top by adding the bright necklace, it's a color pop without being too busy on top of the shirt. And I brought in a little teal through the watch and shoes. This outfit, for me, is a dress up or down. I could just as easily wear this running errands and getting groceries as I could out for dinner with my handsome, beastly husband [he's bearded, so he's beastly].

Outfit Total = $182.00

We are over, you can drop a few items, mix it up. I already have white jeans, so I could drop those and find something to bump me back up to what I need spend to qualify for the coupon. NEXT!

This one goes out to the mom's that just don't like dressing up, at all. I know you're out there, I'm good friends with one of you! What's ideal is comfort, but I have to throw a chic twist into, that's me. I ended up going nautical with these because, well, my colors were screaming nautical. I added in accessories without it being too flashy or gaudy, I love gaudy but it's not for everything. It all begins with that yellow Piko top, Piko is for everyone! They fall away from the body, they're soft and comfortable. If yellow isn't your thing they come in a variety of colors. For the comfy mom, it needed to be shorts and I could not resist these polka dot cut offs, they're my chic here: stylish and trend without sacrificing your comfort. I will be honest, I wanted a different sandal, but Sosie is pretty limited at the moment. They may not have added in their sandals online yet or they may have sold like popsicles on a 100 degree day. It's hard to say when there is an amazing coupon hanging out there. But these are the only ones that had more stock than 1 or 2 left, I couldn't do that to your guys.

Outfit Total = $184.00

Over again! How is the casual outfit over? Comfort costs more, I suppose. Maybe drop the shoes or scarf, play around with it and make it your own. ON TO THE LAST!

Lastly we have the classic, dressy gift for mom. But if we're going to go dressy, let's make it nice and fashionable, okay? The dress style is flattering for every shape, it has a way of creating curves for the straight woman and hiding curves for us hippy/bootylicious ladies. The strappy heels are huge this year, that single strap is all over my favorite fashion blogs and it gives the outfit that trendy feel. Vintage style sunglasses with the statement necklace add the old fashioned glamour to the outfit. I chose the link bracelet to add a little balance and to keep it fairly simple after adding a big statement necklace. This outfit would make me feel stylish and put together, maybe even the best dressed mom of the day. The colors will do well through spring, summer and fall, all you need is a blazer or cardigan when fall gets chilly.

Outfit Total: $116.00

Whoa, we still have $34 left, not bad. If you want to hit the coupon may I suggest a new purse? Maybe a floppy hat? Or this adorable vest?


Obviously I'm panning for clothes and style for mother's day and probably food, I always want food. What are you hoping for Mother's day? No offense if you want a porcelain frame, you can still ask for that. Be yourself!

If you're just searching for inspiration and you're stuck sometimes it is just better to ASK what the special woman in your life wants. Or check her pinterest, always check her pinterest.

Speaking of, this is all nicely compiled on pinterest for you to save and share.

Edit: I can only laugh at myself for forgetting to share the most important part, THE COUPON. It's one their website but just for your information now its: $50 off when you spend $150 - Code: MOTHERSDAY

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