Polka Dot Chambray & Bright White Skinnies

I love anything that makes me feel like I'm wearing vintage, the polka dots and tie bottom on this shirt make me feel just that way.

Shirt: Forever21 (Old) styles I like at Old Navy, ModCloth, Sosie, Ruche || Jeans: Converse for Target (Not Online) Similar || Shoes: Target (Old) Similar || Necklace: Oasap || Purse: JCPenney

Spring has sprung in Oklahoma which means it keeps shifting from one extreme degree of warm to freezing over night. And when the temp is being "normal" the wind is literally trying to blow you down the plains if not sucking you up into a whirling funnel of doom. I'm not being dramatic... okay, maybe a little, but not by much.

I'm just about tired of taking photos in front of zee wall, just yesterday I stepped outside for a few photos in a tank dress I created and quickly ran back inside because it was like 50 degrees (fahrenheit) outside with wind, brr. But at least outside is becoming an option! Granted, any day now I'm going to peel the wallpaper off that wall and revealed the metal underneath because that wall is magnetic, one of my favorite finds in this here house.

Anyway, about the outfit! I picked up this little shirt last summer at Forever21 for around $14, maybe it was $12, I just recall it was an excellent deal. I don't do too well with just plain tees and tanks, I feel bland [Yet I see so many others than look fabulous in a plain tee, teach me your ways], so I have to have to those casual yet dressed kind of items. I wore this a ton because it was so easy to put on and and feel dressed. When I needed something to wear for running errands the other day, I knew this was going to be perfect and comfy. I do regret to inform you that I could not find a good knock off and most polka dot chambray I found was sold out, so I just picked a few chambray shirts to show.

If you didn't already know white denim is "WHITE HOT" right now and we all just love a good "WHITE OUT" or whatever the magazines are saying about it, I'm going off the emails I get from various companies fifty times a day. So I got myself a pair at Target, because I just never know how comfortable I'm going to feel in anything other than plain, dark denim with my curvy thighs and round bottom. I actually like these! They have a zipper ankle and it's cut slim so that I actually get a "skinny" look around my ankle after I accommodate a gracious helping of booty into a size that society assumes my body shouldn't be wearing. Usually skinny jeans look like straight legs on me, I always have to alter them. These jeans are Converse brand, they're soft and comfy, more of a legging jean, easy for dressing up or down [seriously, pair them with converse] plus, bonus points for cleaning easily! I wore them for Easter to my Grandpa's, because I'm insane, and after sitting on dirty lawn chairs, porches, swings, tracking through high grass to see trains and don't forget hiding easter eggs, most of the dirt just brushed off.

I feel like the way I'm wearing my purse looks silly, it's a cross body bag, but I felt it would be distracting if I wore it across. That is one of the purses I actually carry right now, it's between that and my snakeskin purse, I haven't picked a new spring purse. Maybe I'll just return to my beige nine west and call it pastel for spring because I have a hard time picking purses. Oh the pains of being picky

I have a busy weekend planned, celebrating our Anniversary and Star Wars day... they're on the same day. It was a coincidence, I swear. I hope the weekend treats you all well!

Till next time!

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