Diamonds for Izabella - A Baby Quilt

My husband has learned my secret, my dark little secret. And now I'm going to tell you.

I can't resist making quilts for babies.

It may seem like the biggest waste of time, making something so beautiful for someone who while ultimate pee and poop on your gift but it brings me so much joy.

Also, I just genuinely enjoy quilting. I like that it takes time and I slowly see my creation coming into being.

I have even reached that nutty point of DOING THINGS BY HAND. I do all my piecing on the machine, but I quilt my lines and designs by hand now. I love the appearance of hand stitches!

So back to my husband knowing my secret.

He knew I could not resist making a baby quilt, even if I hardly knew the recipient. I know his friend from work, I did photos for their family a very long time ago and I occasionally see them at company parties. But we're not good friends, just acquaintances.

BUT, he was right. He asked, I acted like maybe I was too busy with housewife duties like not cleaning the baseboards, avoiding dishes and letting laundry pile up. And then my face lit up and I asked how soon I could go to the fabric store! I started plotting my design, looking through magazines and books I own to see what I wanted to do.

I decided to go with diamonds, something new to give me a challenge. And then I decided I wanted to quilt a design into each diamond, to make life easier for myself. [sarcasm]

I had my husband relay messages and ask what kind of colors they liked and they picked pinks, blues and greens. I found a wonderful mix of fabrics at Joanns to pull it all together.

I also had the grand idea to quilt her name into the blanket. It really was a grand idea, it makes it personal.

I actually impressed myself with my stitches, they're not bad at all, the size stays nearly the same through most of it. It's impressive when I impress myself, friends.

For the backing, I chose this blue fabric with cherry blossoms on it. It coordinates with the front of the quilt without being matchy, matchy.

The quilting carries through to the back and you can see the designs on that side. It makes it more evident that I not only quilted flowers on but I went around every single diamond.

And a little milestone for me, I made my own binding for the first time. Now if only I was really good at putting it on. Practice makes perfect. I didn't buy the fabric for my binding when I purchased everything for my quilt. I was pretty excited to find a pink with cherry blossoms that matched the blue on back. I had actually been considering using purple, there was very little purple in the quilt, but I could not find anything I liked. I think it may have been that the purple really did not set well with the rest of my quilt.

And here she is! Tada!

The diamonds aren't arranged in any particular order, but I think, if I ever did diamonds again I would want at least six different patterns if not more. I kept mixing it up so that the same color would not touch but it ended up partially making a pattern of the blue and polka dots. It would have been easier to mix up with more colors.

Here is another view so you can see more of the quilt. It's so hard to display these and show the entire quilt at once.

A full view of the back.

And one last look at that beautiful quilting.

I always use a super puffy quilting batting inside my baby quilts. I want them to be soft and cushy, so baby can lay on it and play on it. I actually forgot to throw this in the dryer to give it a fluff, ah well.

I folded it like this so her name will be displayed when the box is opened.

Like this! I just happened to have these wrapping supplies on hand, perfect and girly, which is why I probably had it. I mean, I wrap more boy presents than I do girl presents so I have girl supplies waiting to be used.

In case you are wondering, it goes into the box like so.

And then I put an extra sheet of tissue paper on top and tuck it into the sides.

And then I fold the rest of the paper in like this before closing the box.

And then I close the box.

Ignore the classy Dick's Sporting Goods box, I have a ton left over from Christmas and I'm recycling. 

I wrap it up proper.

And stick a big, fat tulle bow on top.

I'm known for my "pretty packaging" because I like a gift to be special from the moment it arrives [A friend suggested I put that on my tombstone, "Wrapped Pretty Packages"]. Plus, at a baby shower, everyone sees that big bow and starts telling them to open the one with the BOW. Once they manage to get my bow off, they unwrap it, confront the mass amounts of tissue paper and find their gift. Handmade and shiny inside.

And that, folks, is how you properly wrap a quilt.

Of course, this post was about the quilt, not the wrapping. But I got carried away taking photos and thought I would over share. Yay, over sharing!

I actually documented making this entire quilt, so hopefully in the next few weeks I can compile it all together and share my experience with you.

Until then!

- Amanda

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