Garden Update - 5/26 to 6/01

Hooray for garden fresh veggies!

I didn't get to come back out and take photos of my garden on Friday like I said I would, it's called life... And maybe I could blame sewing projects, lots of those going on lately. But I took my camera out to document on Sunday and I have plenty to share.

On my first garden post I only had flowers to show. We have had plenty of rain since then and the plants are going nuts... Except for the Big Boys, I think they hate their containers... Two are thriving and two are very angry and look like they might try to die on me. I'm debating digging a hole off of the side of the patio and just sticking them in the ground, right there. 

My son has actually had me outside looking for tomatoes everyday, I found where a few blossoms had dropped but no tomatoes yet. Let's take a look at what we do have!

Hot Banana Pepper alert, look how cute he is! And I actually found about 7-8 of these little guys hanging off there today, they're growing at a rapid pace.

This guy is growing in an odd spot, hopefully he'll turn out okay! This is one of our mini sweet peppers, I only spotted 2 of these at this time.

JalapeƱos! I've been watching the bigger one all week, he started as small as the one there in front. Cannot wait to have some fresh jalapeƱos for salsa and poppers. 

Cherry tomato blooms... It's all we have go look at right now, so many blooms, so little tomatoes.

I found this funny little bug on the tomato plant, I have no idea what he is. Friend or foe? It's like an ant spider, it could only be more evil if it had the wings of a moth. While I was looking at him I noticed something hiding in the middle of my plants... My gosh... It's...


Two tomatoes to be exact. 

I had to defend them from my son, he thought they should eaten immediately, even if they're not red yet. My, the waiting game for the first tomato has officially began. But I find myself having a moral debate.... To selfishly eat the first tomato or to share it?

Who am I kidding? He'll turn those big hazel eyes on me and I'll hand that tomato over before I have time to think it through.

The orange bell pepper plant has one, he's growing horizontal there in the middle. I saw a few more peppers to be in the area. My, I cannot wait.

Nothing to report on any of the four Big Boy tomato plants. Nothing but flowers and blooms. Tomorrow will be Miracle Grow day, so maybe they will be a little happier after that. But I may have to cave tomorrow and dig up the side of my patio to plant them. My husband gave me the "Sure" already (That Means Yes). He just may find tomato plants there tomorrow!

Anyone else gardening? I'm envious if you have the space for a real, in ground garden! Any tips for patios and tomatoes? I've said before, I am not a expert, I'm always accepting advice.

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