Garden Update 6/02 - 6/16

Time for a garden update! I decided to space it out by two weeks this time because there really wasn't much to show last week. I would have posted this YESTERDAY but my memory card corrupted, sob, and I had to go out and reshoot the garden in the incredible Oklahoma wind. 

Changes since last time? 

Well the day after my post, a big storm blew through and snapped one of my tomato plants [He's the short one all the way to the right] which prompted me to decide to just put them in the ground, right off the side of the patio. I was only planning to put the one guy down in the ground but my husband wanted to go ahead and put them all in, I agree, why not? They have all loved it, the tomatoes have grown like crazy since being put in the ground. 

The plant that snapped looked terrible, all his lush leaves wilted and browned, all the pretty yellow flowers fell off and I thought he was dead for sure. I asked my mom, she's my garden lady, and she said to go ahead and cut all the dead off. If he's dead, he'll go ahead and die, but there is a chance that cutting it will force it to thrive. And it did! He's making a come back, he won't be as gorgeous as his brothers, but I'm sure we'll have some tomatoes from him by the end of the season.

Let's go visit the veggies!

Sweet pepper plant! Or the plant that the birds and bugs love to nibble on, sad face. But he's trying! I have harvested one pepper from him so far and look forward to having many more. I love sweet peppers, my only regret is picking up just one of these plants. I need a couple of more helping out with production.

Banana peppers! If I had the photos from the day before, it would have been full of all the peppers we just harvested. This plant is going crazy and I don't even know what he plans to do with all these peppers. We've been discussing a plan...

Jalapenos, tons of them on there but nothing is ripe just yet. 

Come on, grow baby, grow! I want some fresh salsa.

These are our orange bell peppers. We only did one to see how well they would grow, I wish we had picked up another plant now. He looks like he's nearly full grown, just waiting for him to ripen.

And these are the cherry tomatoes!

And so are these...

And these...

As well as these. Last time I had just a couple of them but now we have a ton, all over the plant. Just nothing ripe just yet. The cherry tomato plant was picked specifically for my son, he devours small tomatoes. So he makes sure this plant gets a check up everyday and a thorough look over.

Finally, THIS is my first Big Boy tomato... I have four plants and this is my first one. And before anyone asks, heck no, I am not making fried green tomatoes. Not at this point anyway. I am dying to have ripe, red tomatoes.

Slice them, add a little salt.

Heck, don't slice them and eat them like apples.

Yes, please.

Lastly, we have our harvest so far. See all those banana peppers? And one sweet pepper.

Now, referring back to the discussion I mentioned about the fate of the banana peppers. My husband wanted these so bad, I let him pick them up, it really did not matter to me. [Heck, he's much more involved in this garden than I thought, he goes out to check them everyday when he gets home!] So with it looking like we may have a ton of banana peppers, we are discussing pickling them.

I've already done my research on pinterest.

But I also have Grandma K. and Grandma A. I can be asking questions too.

Honestly, it does not look very difficult, so hopefully... it's not. I'm mostly afraid of exploding jars.


Exploding jars.

That's it for my garden update! I might go ahead and update Friday, because I wanted Friday to be my garden day and it never works out like that. But I may go ahead and skip this one and catch up on the next, we will see!

Till next time!

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