Garden Update - 6/17-6/20

Its another garden update, two in one week! I hope you like my garden because it's taking over.

Not really.

This is about to peak, as you can see above we have our first ripe tomato. I'm going to make him play an intense game of Texas Hold 'Em to decide who gets to eat it. Or, since I'm the mom, I'll find something to send him to his room for and eat it while he's in faux trouble.

But most likely, I'll let him have the darn tomato.

I mean, look how excited he is about that thing, how could I deny him?

Once the tomatoes and jalapenos start ripening I won't have much to talk about garden wise. We have begun our first attempts at pickling, I have a jar of banana peppers in my refrigerator right now yet I have my doubts about a recipe that pickles in 72 hours. But my husband liked that idea the most, waiting a month was going to be hard on him.

We shall see.

Into the garden!

Excuse my laziness, no one else is ever in my backyard, so I just left the watering hose out.

Changes since just a few days ago... My rickety setup to attempt to keep the birds out and support the cherry tomato plant. That darn plant has nearly pulled it down already, I'll just have to go get him a special support, all for himself.

I put up the bird netting because we have a pet grackle. 

[Image via Wikipedia]

There, that's a grackle, in case you were wondering. My "pet" doesn't stick around long enough for photos and his friends always fly away and leave him.

He stays because he bummed up his wing trying to fly through my closed window, not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, this one.

He decided living in my garden would be a great idea, I didn't mind because he kept the finches away. And then I discovered he has a taste for tomato buds, you know, those pretty yellow flowers that come before a tomato.

Well, he was eating them! Despite advice to off the bird, mafia style, I decided bird netting was more my style... I'm a lover, not a fighter... heck, I considered buying him bird seed, just so he'd stay away.

And then he started pooping on everything, so I had to shut down his party.

I'm also running an experiment to see how much birds really are like velociraptors.

See, I barely had enough net to cover my garden, so there are a couple of weak spots on the north and south sides. Velociraptors are always checking the fences to find a weakness so they can get out and hunt everyone in the park down [even creepier in the book]. If he finds the weakness in my netting, he can wreak havoc on my plants.

But I did say he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

He sure does remind me of a velociraptor though.

The way he cocks his head side to side, staring at you with that eye.

Maybe he's just fooling me into thinking he's not very sharp.

Maybe he's plotting my downfall.

Oh man. Let's just go look at the vegetables now.

Sweet peppers being sweet peppers. The kiddo and I just harvested two more of them.

Banana peppers, banana peppering. [We need more of these!]

Jalapenos being straight up jalapenos. They're so close to being ripe that I can almost feel the burn on my tongue.

Orange bell peppers peppering it up. Yet, they're still green, come on guys!

Skipping the cherry tomatoes and going straight to the big boys. I found another one! I'm about to be in tomato heaven!

Here's the one I showed earlier this week, he's getting fat... I mean, he's just a bit husky.

And then there is that ONE ripe cherry tomato, what a terrible tease that plant is. I didn't even take her picture because she's so big, she's falling over. And covered in little green tomatoes.

That is it for the garden this week, I'll wait until next Friday to show her off again. Maybe I'll have jalapenos and tons of tomatoes by then.

Or, I could be gone and the grackle will be running the blog. Only time will tell.

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