Photography: Mr. C and Mr. I

I don't do photography as much as I once did. When my son was a wee baby, I attempted to do it nearly full time. I've retired myself, but occasionally I do photos for friends and friends of friends.

I have been friends with Mr C and Mr I's Momma for several years. I did photos way back when Mr C was a baby... now he's four like my guy, I don't know how this happens. I need a Tardis to keep these children from growing up.

We tried to do photos for over a month, but each time someone ended up sick. By the time we could do photos, their Momma just wanted to do something casual and easy. We mostly did them for Mr I's one year photos, but snapped a few of big brother too!

I used to work super hard at turning over 50-100 photos, when in reality, all anyone wants are a couple of photos for their wall! So now I just work at providing around 20-25 good images. Quality not quantity, right? These guys aced it, cooperative and fast.

My friends say my photos have a magical quality... oh I wish I wasn't the photographer so I could see the magic! I'm alway too harsh on myself, always!

This wonderful guy DOES NOT like sweets! I don't think he has forgiven me for making him eat a cake, he freezes every time he sees me like, "Oh my gawd, it's that lady! She made me eat cake! That evil woman!"

I love this one! He's so happy! Probably because he was destroying something without getting in trouble. As you can tell, there isn't any cake on his face.

Evidence that he took one bite.

Let me tell you, this guy is one of the sweetest chunker babies out there, he is loving and cuddly with those beautiful eyes. I'm glad I'm not his momma, I'd spend all day cuddling and giving into whatever the cute eyes demanded of me.

And cute close ups! The only cake on he got on his face and all he ate of it. His poor, older brother sat on the sidelines begging for cake the entire time. Also, props to their Momma for the backdrop, excellent planning on her part. I love the gray zig zag.

Sure, I don't do photos very often, but holding out my talent for super cute kiddos like these is sure worth it!

- Amanda

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