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Hello internet world! I've been absent, very absent and I'm going to try to make that up. Sometimes life comes up, the good and the bad, and it just keeps me busy. I've had my hands full working on a new quilt, literally by hand and it has been taking up most of my time. And when it's done, I'll have one post to share for all my hard work [around 2ish months], awesome huh? Add in the Fourth of July festivities, a little vacation the following week with my mom and VBS with my son and I have a fairly good excuse for not being around. Hey, I've made big changes around my garden! But we're not talking about my plants today.

I took a break from quilting and did something for my little guy, I promised him this awhile back and he recently reminded me that I said we would paint his table. He remembered because I took it outside for him to play on and remarked on how dirty it was.

"Painting it will make it not dirty," He remarked, the little smartie.

And so I took him to Lowe's the next day, let him pick his color and we started on it the following day.

If you're not familiar with this table, it's the L√ĄTT  table from Ikea, the ideal table if you're on a budget but want a tiny swedish dining set.  [It's $19.99, you can't beat that for children's furniture.] They still sell them if you just want to do this project that badly.

The wood is unfinished and it has a basic fiber board tabletop. If you're buying a new one, you're in luck, don't assemble it! If you own one, bad news, you gotta take it back apart. I guess you could wing it without disassembling the table, but if you want to do it properly, take it apart.

These are the paints I used. As you can tell, this was not Martha Stewart's first rodeo, I have chalkboarded other things in my home. It goes for about $7, but I used a coupon with my Michael's app when I purchased it and got 40% off. To my knowledge, Michael's is the only craft store that carries Martha Stewart Craft paint, at least it's the only place I have seen it. You could buy the chalkboard paint at the hardware store while you're picking up your other paint if you want. Or Amazon carries Martha Stewart if you want to order it here.

I used a sponge brush and regular bristle paint brush, but I would suggest using a small roller brush for the chalkboard paint, it will give you a much better texture. I didn't want to go to the craft store for the roller, so I used what I had.

I knew we wouldn't need a ton of paint for this project and immediately thought of these samples Lowe's sells for a whopping $3 and it was more than enough. The downside is that you have to pick from what they have, maybe they'd mix you a sample if you asked nicely [no promises], but we just picked from these premixed jars. They also carry Pantone paints if you desire a trendy color like "Radiant Orchid", those run about $5 a jar.

My son first asked for red, thankfully they didn't have any, I didn't want red and this saved me from saying "No". Luckily, he never asked for pink, I'd let him have it but I would hate having pink, I'm just not a pink person and it doesn't work with anything I have! I was trying to convince him that he wanted this pretty green and my husband was showing him a nice shade of navy when he zeroed in on this teal. I lovingly refer to it as La Fawnduh Teal... I see the correct way to spell it on the jar... I just love Napoleon Dynamite. So from here out it is La Fawnduh Teal, good luck finding it with my spelling.

To begin, take the whole thing apart and carefully store all your nut and bolts. As I told my son, if we lose any of those pieces, this thing is broken! Sure, I could pick up a replacement at Lowe's, but he doesn't know that and it keeps him from losing them.

If your child has used the table before for fun or eating, wipe it all down. Nothing will mess up your paint like some dried up blue box ooze on the side. After you clean it, give it about an hour to dry, just to be safe.

If you just bought this table brand new, congratulations, you get to skip this step! Though, I suggest wiping it down with a dry rag just incase it has any wood dust or dirt from the warehouse on it.

Once it is dry, you may begin painting. I'm a very loving mother, mostly I'm patient, so I let my dear some help out. I let him paint all the easy, straight pieces. Allowing your children to help is not a requirement, but it may make them happy, your choice. Also be aware this paint is TOXIC, so if your kiddo has a tendency to eat things, don't let them help. My son actually only got paint on his hands, which he washed off. Much cleaner than I was with paint all over my arms and legs. When I craft, I commit and get paint every where. I even had a nice dip dye on the tip of my hair for the rest of the day.

I'll admit, I did touch up his pieces and then remarked that he had done "Great upon inspection!" and then he'd happily go on to the next piece.

While he painted the wood parts, I began on the tabletop, it will need several coats and dry time in between, so plan on a day or two for this part to be completed. I chose to do it on the wood particle side because there was a lot of crayon left on the white side after several scrubbings.

Apply the paint directly to the brush or squirt it on the board, just move quickly. Once it starts to dry, if you drag back over a semi-dry part, it will pull the paint up.

Apply one coat, let dry a hour and repeat. The paint instructions say to let it set much longer, but I'm impatient and as soon as it was dry to the touch, I was putting another coat on. It seems just fine right now for me, but if you're a stickler for rules, follow the instructions on the bottle.

This is what most pieces look like with just one coat. The coverage is great, the only parts that needed a second coat of the Valspar paint were the ones I painted. I painted them quickly and you could see the wood through it.

Here is everything laid out to dry. I gave it almost 48 hours to make sure everything was really dry and did touchups.

More stuff drying.

Did I mention to use a drop cloth or old sheet? Because you should, makes clean up so much easier.

This is what my table top and chairs looked like after two coats. I used the sponge brush on the first coat and switched to a normal paint brush after that.

As you can see, I still have thing spots AND you can see my brush strokes. I suggested you get a small roller brush and this is why, no brush strokes.

And this is four coats! Looks better now, don't it? It still has that brush stroke texture though, you'll see it one of my finished pictures below.

And the finished project! I actually really like this color paired with the black chalkboard paint, nice choice Son of Mine.

I honestly would not have chosen this color on my own, but it really stands out nicely against the black.

This picture is terribly out of focus but you can see my brush strokes in the light and I wanted you to see that. Personally, I like the extra texture.

It's so pretty and clean now! My son was dying beside me while I took pictures.

"Now can I draw on it, Momma? Now?" he kept pleading as I snapped away. He is very patient, I'm pretty positive he gets that from his Father. That's all I'm saying.

He finally gets his chance to settle in and begins drawing a Choo-choo, because that's his favorite thing in the world.

He's been carrying around this Star Wars book I picked up at the library, he claims he's reading it. [He can't read yet]

Here he is "reading" it.

He's pretty happy about his "new" table, as he calls it. Though, he's pretty much outgrown it, it works well with his outdoor chair and that's where it's going anyway!

He's even started sharing it with his favorite toys, R2-D2 & Good Cop [He never lets me turn the face around to Bad Cop].

I'll be monitoring the table as he plays with it and it weathers the outdoors. The jar doesn't actually state if this is indoor or outdoor paint, so I'll assume it's indoor and bring it inside when it rains.

If you have any questions, hit me up in the comments!

Did I inspire you do to your own redo? Send me pictures of the finished product, I would be happy to show it off.

'Til next time!
- Amanda

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