Little Miss Vi

I have been sneaking around doing a little bit of photography here and there. While I don't run a photography business anymore, I still love working with my camera and especially when it's babies or kids.

I had to opportunity to work with this sweet little girl right before her two week birthday. I knew her parents through a close friend of mine and I was so happy they asked me to come take pictures!

She did almost exactly as I predicted, she changed her schedule for that day and, of course, filled her diaper as soon as we began. Something about cameras tells babies it's time for some serious diaper work and maybe they should skip that afternoon nap we planned around.

Vi stayed awake for quite some time, but I worked around it, even if she was peeking at me the entire time. Probably wondering why this strange lady was making her dress up and using that flashy thing.

But then again, with beautiful eyes like these, I'm more than happy to work with an awake baby! Plus, I'm a baby holder and I got to attempt to rock her to sleep a couple of times.

So how do I finally manage to put a baby to sleep for photos? Why, got for some nekkie photos! Nothing is scarier than a sleeping infant without a diaper, but it seemed to make her very happy. That and my basket of yarn? Forget cribs, get a basket and some yarn... I'm kidding... get a crib.

I mean, "Awwwww."

And adorable!

And then her Daddy swaddled her and put her in this beautiful family crib they had and she actually loved it and continued to sleep with an adorable smile on her face!

Anyone have baby fever yet?

This is just a little peek at some of what has been keeping me busy and away from here. But that's okay, I love sitting and rocking babies!

Baby Holder for Hire!
- Amanda

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