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Today I'm back on Reusable Wardrobe after my break last week. This time around I'm tackling one of my new favorites, the Kimono.

Truth be told, I loved the Kimono's when they first started popping up, but I had no idea how I would work them into my everyday wear. 

Many people were shocked to hear I wasn't jumping on the Kimono wagon since I spent most of my teens obsession over Japanese culture. This was mostly due to an anime infatuation, you already knew I was a geek, right?

Once I broke down and ordered my kimono, I started looking for how I would wear it. I had a good idea for fall, with tanks and booties, but what about right now? It's still summer out there! I adored the shorts looks, but most were out of my comfort zone with lingerie like bra tops and high waisted shorts that my booty would not be staying in (I have a few pairs and the booty isn't a big fan).

Before I get into what I've put together, let's look at some kimono's.

My kimono came from RoseGal, I couldn't resist since it was under $15 and shipped free. Granted, I knew there was a catch, it was coming from Korea! It took a month to arrive, I should have paid for better shipping, lesson learned. The quality is as good as most boutiques I've looked at, I just didn't have to pay the markup. I wanted a floral pattern and I wanted mine to be long, this one was all of that.

When picking a kimono, you should think of your existing wardrobe and what it might go with. I chose blue because I knew blue would go with many things I had. I chose floral because I love romantic items and floral, again, goes with many things I have.

Blue Floral Kimono - RoseGal - $14.77 <---- Mine
Floral Tassel Kimono - RoseGal - $15.49
Tellus Kimono - Sosie - $34.00
Touch of Tranquil Jacket - Modcloth - $49.99
Sunlit Kimono - Anthropologie - $98.00 

Now you have a list to get you started, let's look at styling them.

First off, the casual way with shorts and sandals. One of my favorite mixes is included, frayed shorts with a nicer blouse. I love the contrast of a rough piece with a soft piece, you don't even need the kimono to do this. My blouse has the lining sewn in, so I tucked the lining and let the sheer hang down.  I'll be able to wear this on warmer falls days with the kimono paired on top. I have even been wearing it now with it being in the 100s this past week!

This is the one pair of high waisted shorts I have found to fit me, I have a white pair and they creep up my booty so I don't often wear them in public. This acid wash pair actually fits, though their kind of loose of my waist, essentially I bought them a size up to accommodate my hips and butt. I have worn this with another pair of ragged shorts, not high waisted and leaving my shirt untucked, it still works.

And if you're brave, you can wear booties!

I'll admit, I styled this, but I don't know if I'm brave enough. I don't have pencil thin model legs, I have "work out with weights and do your squats BAM legs." So, you know. [I mean no offense to you skinnier ladies, I'm just not built that way!]

The perk to the kimono versus my booty issues....

It covers it! Remember that, if you too suffer from abundant booty.

Next up, I styled it with a pencil skirt. I love pencil skirts, I just don't have reason to wear them too often... I suppose I could just make a reason. They do hug the figure but I kind of like that, once in awhile. I styled mine with a simple tee and some low wedges to keep it from being too dressy for me. You could add a blouse to this outfit and make it much sleeker. Or make it more casual with a graphic tee and a pair of keds.

And honestly, this poor t-shirt is ready for it's grave, white tees last me a season and then they start looking cream colored and gross. I wear them out. [Plus, I'm ready to trade it for a drapey white v-neck]

I love this one, definitely looking forward to wearing this for fall. Its still a bit too warm right now for long sleeves. I love the contrast of the sleeves coming out of my kimono, as well as how the dress is shorter than the kimono up front but longer in back. We have a few festivals coming up that, if cool enough, I look forward to wearing this to.

When it come to dresses, the options are pretty endless. I have a white shift I have paired this with and love, I think it would be amazing over the right maxi dress as well.

To begin, let's pretend these are jeans, okay? I picked these pants up this weekend and I already took them back. Not that there is anything wrong with them, just they we're not a good fit for me. It's a dressier version of joggers [which I LOVE] and I couldn't see them fitting in long term. I swapped them for a casual pair of joggers, which are comfy and much more suited for me.

I wanted to show how the kimono could be paired with dressier pants, a tank and a pair of heeled sandals. But in the long run, I'm not a big fan of these pants, trade them for jeans and the outfit will still work.

My problem is, after taking the photos and getting a good look at the outfit, it felt very.... Golden Girls to me? I mean, I love the Golden Girls, I'm just not ready to be one of them. It also reminds me of the polyester pants my Great Grandma used to wear. I love her and miss her, but I don't want to be wearing her pants.

This must be why I look angry, ha.

Plus these things were so droopy on me, I probably needed a size down. I've hit an odd point in my size where I can actually wear a small, on occasion and it makes grabbing a size quickly a hit and miss. Why did I grab them quickly? The pants were buy one, get one free and I didn't realize it, so I picked these up in my haste.

Thank you, sales girl, for leaving the security tag on, forcing me to return to the store. The much cuter black pair is my new go to pant.


And that's Kimonos for you. They're simple while being pretty and fun in your wardrobe.

I have a pin board full of ideas for you over on Pinterest. Plus, remember to find me over on Twitter or Instagram!

- Amanda

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  1. ElleSees.blogspot.comAugust 28, 2014 at 7:51 AM

    such a versatile piece--have been loving kimonos lately

  2. Definitely one of my favorites right now! I can't wait until I can start wearing it with fall outfits. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love each combo. It looks great.

  4. Thank you very much! It's becoming my lazy but presentable look :) Thanks for stopping by!


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