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Today is my second edition of Reusable Wardrobe and I'll be tackling an item that you either love or hate: Overalls. Last week was the Cargo Vest, if you missed it.

I'll be honest, when I first heard overalls were coming back, I hissed. Memories of crappy, oversized t-shirts with those baggy, fat pants. Ew. Because mine were painters style, if you found them today, they might call them "boyfriend overalls" but let's be honest, ain't nobody's boyfriend wearing overalls! I don't reflect fondly on those boxy, ugly overalls I wore that made my ass look 10x bigger than it was... when I was, you know, 14 and actually super skinny, but I didn't realize that then.

Now obviously, you have already noticed that the pair I'm sporting isn't exactly slimming, but that's okay. I got them because they were comfortable and I could see the potential! I put them on, came out of the dressing room to show my Mom [We were shopping together that day], she loved them but thought they could be baggier. Bless my Mom, she likes everything baggy and comfortable, I don't and didn't take her advice to size up because the size up was huge on me.

And then the sales clerk saw me. She admitted when she unboxed and hung them up, she thought they would be ugly. But she couldn't believe how cute they were, on me and in general. I was SOLD! Except for the price tag. $60 for an item I may not love? I was struggling already, asking myself questions about what I would wear it with, would I wear them or would it be a trendy item I'd be donating in a month?

Well, lucky for me, my mom made the decision and bought them for me.

Sometimes you need a shopping buddy to push you in the right direction.

I've already worn them a dozen times, several different ways and it's still summer.

So where can you find some? Well, overalls are kind of popping up here and there, you just have to look. I've done my best to round up a good variety of affordable and high end.

Polka Dot Overalls - Forever21 - $19.80
"Railroad" Striped Denim Overall - Forever21 - $29.80
Denim Overall - JcPenney - $32.99
Denim Overall - Target - $34.99
White Lace Overall - LuLu's - $41 [on sale!]
Denim Overall - Modcloth - $54.99
Soft Overalls [Olive or Black] - NY&Co - $59.95 <--- Mine
Distress Denim Overall - LuLu's - $103

I'm going to end the list there. I found some at Nordstrom's but they were all $250-$300. If you desire to spend that much, I'll let you hunt the pair you want on your own.

I really enjoy this pair because they're soft, comfortable and surprisingly light, so they stay cool even in the summer heat. But, I would LOVE to have a denim pair too, they'd be so much more versatile.

But these were free to me, so I cannot complain.

Now, on to the many ways to wear overalls. If you're going to have a pair, you're going to need many ways to wear them or they'll become a one trick pony. Believe it or not, I dress mine up for fun.

Shirt: NY&Co || Shoes: Vans [Old] Similar

So to begin, we'll just go straight, easy, everyday comfort. A loose fitting white tee and a pair of floral vans, that's it.

Obviously I wear my watch and my wedding rings, I don't consider my everyday items to be "accessories."

No earrings. No bracelets. No necklaces. Nothing.

This is honestly something I wear on a casual day [I'm wearing my overalls right now with a fitted with tee!] or maybe for errands, like the farmer's market. I love that I am not the only person wearing overalls to the farmers market! The others are just actually farmers.

Top: Express [Sold Out] Like This, This and This || Shoes: Target || Necklace: Oasap

Next is a simple "dressed up" look, it isn't anything special just not what I'd wear to the farmer's market. This is more of what I would consider for brunch, coffee or shopping. My tank already has a jeweled collar but I couldn't resist throwing a little more shiny on there. It's also a crop top, but I can wear it comfortably with the overalls and not worry about bearing my belly.

It's classy and girly without being too dressed up. You could even swap out the wedges for a flat sandal if you wanted to stay completely comfortable while still feeling fancy.

And one more variation, you could add a hat to make the outfit a little more casual. This is the only ball cap I have, but I have seen feminine versions with florals that would be perfect for such an outfit. But what the heck, if I wanted to go to the ball game and be fabulous, I sure could.

Shirt: Gap (Old) Similar || Boots: Target (Old) Similar || Scarf: Ruche (Sold Out) Similar

Here on our third outfit for today we have fall comfort! And I'm not sure why, but as I was styling this one, my son started to ask me when we could go to the pumpkin patch. So I'm calling it my pumpkin patch outfit... though I refuse to do pumpkin anything until OCTOBER.

Slow down, crazy people, it's not fall yet.

This outfit could be for darn near anything I suppose. It's stylish, but comfortable and if you need extra warmth you could add in a denim jacket. Easy, peasy.

If it wasn't in the 90's today, I would be wearing this.

About the ankle boots, these are about two years old and "suede." Now, if you love the suede, get the suede. But I keep reading that suede is out and leather booties are the thing you need this fall. I'm going to keep wearing my suedes but I nabbed a cheap pair of "leather" about a month ago too. I say "suede" and "leather" like that because mine are all fake, cheap knockoffs. But I'm okay with that.

Just take that into account if you choose to purchase a pair of ankle boots.

I think I need to talk about ankle boots alone soon. I really love ankle boots.

I'm also wearing my glasses.... because I was actually wearing glasses the day I shot this. I just took them off for a few shots. My glasses are not a fashion statement, I actually desperately need their assistance when I am not wearing contacts. I am a big fan of Warby Parker, we don't have the option for vision insurance so their prices are excellent for someone on a budget but desiring modern eyewear.

I wear the Mallory frame in Gimlet Tortoise.

Top: Target (Old) Like this and this || Shoes: Target (Old) Like this, this and this (Close match and it's Dolce Vita!)

And this, folks, is my dressed up overalls look. Obviously not dressy enough for a nice dinner out or anything fancy. But I have worn this and similar out for a burger and a movie date with my husband and fun evenings like that. When I want to be dressed up and feel girly without the effort of a dress or actual nice clothes. I love the pop of leopard under the olive overalls and the wedges give me that boost I enjoy because I'm short.

Now, referring to my previous post, I mentioned not buying too many multiples of an item. I love this top and just as I said, I bought it in just two colors [or patterns in this case]. I have it in leopard and polka dot. But, as much as I love the shirt, I kept it at two. I enjoy the shirt, but its definitely not the only thing I want to wear so I won't fill my wardrobe with it.


Maybe one day I'll look back on this and wonder why the heck I thought overalls were okay again. But for now, I am happy in my overalls!

Inspired? Have your own overalls outfit? Find me on twitter or instagram and show me!

- Amanda

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