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Finally made it to my new favorite, joggers or some may call them track pants. I love them because they come in many variations and you can size them how you want. Desire them to be a little more fitted? Go down a size or try a different style. Want them to be baggy and comfortable? Buy them bigger! Plus they come in dressy styles and even go to extreme comfort in a sweat pant.

This is going to be my last reusable wardrobe for the time being, unless anyone wants me to cover something specific. I'm sure I'll have more for later, but at this time I feel like I've covered most of the current trends I have bought into.

But hey, I'm always up for a challenge, if you have an idea, hit me up in the comments!

For more jogger ideas, beyond what I styled here, I have compiled a board on pinterest you may peruse.

Before we get to the outfits, where do you get joggers? Oh geez, everywhere? There are so many options, I'm just going to list a few of my favorites and leave the rest to you. Just take notice, everyone calls them something different, I like joggers, others call them track pants, lounge pants, loungers, trousers and the list goes on. You just have to search around and look a little to find the pair that suits your style.

Slim Jogger Pant - Target - $19.99 [5 Colors]
Vivid Tribal Pant - Sosie - $37.00
Wild Poppies Lounge Pants - Ruche - $42.99
Enjoy Everyday Pants - Modcloth - $44.99
Gym Pant - VS Pink - $44.95-$49.95 [6 colors]
Draped Pocket Soft Pant - NY&Co - $49.95 [2 Colors] <--- Mine
BB Dakota Beau - Lulus - $60.00
High Waisted Textured Ankle Trouser - Express - $79.90
Nasella Joggers - Anthropologie - $118.00

Now, onto my outfits.

If you read the kimono post, then you already know about these pants. I actually wasn't a big fan and took them back, mostly because the security tag was left on and secondly I didn't love them once I had them on. I think for me, that's because of my figure, I have a booty and curvy hips, so the stiffness in these dress pants was not flattering on me. Sometimes I don't care if something is flattering if I love an item enough, I just didn't love these. I had considered redoing these outfits based of the pants I exchanged them for, but decided against changing them. Instead, I am showing you that even I make mistakes when shopping!

About the outfit, I want to create something casual and a bit edgy with the use of leather. I actually love this outfit as a whole, I just have to sub different pants! I have my "leather" jacket and black booties, paired with a gold leopard necklace. My top is actually my current favorite blouse, which deserves a post of it's own. And a couple of studded bracelets. Honestly, I think this outfit would be awesome with a pair of super casual sweat pant joggers. Think about it.

And this is what it looks like sans jacket, I actually love it all right here, I feel it just lacked a belt to emphasize the waist, but overall I would love wearing this for fall outings. It's a little above casual without being super dressy, thanks to the boots.

Also, you can see the tag on the waist of my pants, ha, I don't take tags off unless I'm keeping an item.

Now, if I had any other reason to keep these pants, I would have for this outfit! I love anything with a vintage vibe; the floral blouse, those funky pants and the flats. Aw, I'm kind of sad those pants are gone because this was adorable, I loved it. If I still worked in an office, I would want this outfit, easy to wear and super comfortable.

Now alternatively, I have this wonderful pair, which are lying when they say they are not a variation of parachute pants. But, alas, I don't mind because they are baggy, comfortable but covered in a pretty print. This specific pair is even super soft! They're a great weight for late summer and fall, not to hot but not too cool when it comes to layering.

This outfit is a serious everyday option; a plain tee, joggers and sandals, that's it! I'm daring enough to wear these all the time and I do. I've read that you must wear heels with them, which I don't adhere to because I love the slouch look. I've also seen the "not for short girls" label, which falls into the I don't care if it's meant for my figure, I'm 5'4 and I'm wearing these puppies! I love them and labels won't stop me.

And then I can dress those same parachute pants up by adding heels, a blouse and a basic black blazer. It's true, their bagginess does look so much better over heels and I love how the pants look dressed up. I'm sticking to the basic black and white palette, but this would great if you have a colorful blazer, I only own basics so I have black and beige. I was tempted to pop a chunky red heel under this, but decided to go with a classic look. Something easier to wear and probably more attainable for the everyday lady.

I'm going to be honest, I've owned these pants for about two weeks and I have worn them non-stop along with a more casual black pair I have. I throw on tees, tanks or blouses with them, when fall finally settles in, I'll be tossing on sweaters and sweatshirts. Heck, I may take it to another level and wear my old birkenstock clogs with them because apparently those are coming back? I haven't found definitive evidence for the clogs, but I've been seeing knock offs lining the shelves already. I still have mine!

To close out, I have one more outfit, a throw back to my first post, the Cargo Vest.

This is the whole idea behind Reusable Wardrobe, having items in your closet that you can use in many ways and wear a lot. I'm able to combine my joggers with my cargo vest for a fun look, it may not be for everyone but I love it.

I have items that work together and separately, giving me more options without needing to purchase a ton of items and have an overflowing closet. I have been slowly going through my closet and checking my items to see what I really need and what I really wear. Anything that doesn't fit what I want, goes. Obviously, I have some dressy items and classic items I keep, as should you. I have a nice spring/summer dress and a nice fall/winter dress in case an occasion comes up that I need a dress for.

But lately, I'm just not holding on to too much I can't or won't wear and making a bigger effort to really consider my purchases now. Honestly, I buy less now because I'll walk around the mall and look past the items that are cheap and wouldn't last me more than a wear or two. With the exception of recently needing a bra, I haven't bought anything in the mall. [The joggers were actually my mom convincing me to get them by buying them for me herself. Love my mom!]

It's great to really step back and think about what you want. If comfort is your thing and you want to wear yoga/sweat pants all the time, then do it! If you have the desire and budget to have an overflowing closet of trendy items, then do it. And if you're on a budget, like me, but still want a stylish wardrobe, just think smart and buy smart, don't fall for the sale signs and only buy what you really need and love [and if what you love is on sale then definitely buy it!].

Style is not about a box, you don't need to fit in a certain way. Unlike previous eras, we don't have one trend we must stick to. Style is very open ended and gives you the ability to express yourself wether you're sporty or boho or hipster or high fashion.

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 - Amanda

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