Photography: Eleanor Turns Four

I've been absent for a couple of weeks because the kiddo and I have been super sick, sad face. It's just allergies but this round has really kept the two of us down, taking naps on the couch and watching movies while we blow our noses.

What better time to share a photoshoot from back in June? I always hold on to these and post them when I'm too busy to come up with regular content or in this case, too sick.

In June, my friend's sweet little girl turned 4. I know mine is already 4, but I wish I could stop them all from growing up. I've been photographing this girl since just hours after she was born. It's a little sad seeing all these babies grow up.

Eleanor had a "Monster Party" this year, so for her pictures she wore a monster dress that her mom made, it was so adorable! Googlie eyes and lace for teeth, I was in love.

I really need a little girl of my own.

We took the photos in downtown Oklahoma City at the Myriad Garden's Children's Garden. I love the atmosphere there, fun things to do while surrounded by beautiful flowers and an actual vegetable garden. After photos we spent an extra hour just hanging out, letting the kids play.

Anyway, less me talking and more adorable kid, right?

[This is one of my favorites from here photos, I caught her childish, carefree flick of her hair as she looked at the flowers.]

[And this one, full of sweet attitude!]

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