Halloween 2014 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Raphael

1:18 PM

I know, it's almost Thanksgiving... that's just how far I am running behind... on everything right now.

Forgive me.

Anywho, let's rewind a few weeks so I can talk about Halloween! Because I love doing Halloween with our son, we always have so much fun and I enjoy eating all his hard earned candy afterwards.

Last year, I reviewed all the costumes we've done so far, I was hoping to have time to do that a little bit this year, but the speed bump just doesn't allow me much time. So I'll just do a quick summary before jumping into this years costume.

- His first Halloween was in 2010, he was an adorable little dinosaur, I did not make his costume this year. I actually hadn't even considered making a costume at this point.

- In 2011 he was Batman, because, I'm his mother and I put things together so I get to pick Batman over Superman. My husband is a Superman fan and I'm a Batman fan and the poor kiddo is just stuck in the middle. I sorta made this one, I put him in black sweats and a Batman tee, then made the cape and mask. He was almost two, it was cheap and worked!

- In 2012, we had Doctor Who, Matt Smith's 11th Doctor. My favorite is Tennant, but he was only familiar with Smith and he got to wear a Fez [And a bowtie!]. He looked great as the Doctor, he even has a Matt Smithish look. I didn't really "make" this costume, I just bought bits and pieces to make the look.

- In 2013, he was my favorite so far, Link from the Legend of Zelda [Not to confused with Zelda, the princess]. I'm a long time nintendo geek, pretty sure I was "playing" nintendo before I could stand. I actually made this costume from scratch, aside from a couple of obvious things like his pants. I drew most of my inspiration from the Skyward Sword Link, while picking out parts I loved from other Links. My son loved this one and even asked if he could wear it again, sadly he outgrew it already, sniff.

And that brings us to the current year, 2014!

I actually had plans to make a Wolverine costume this year, classic Logan in yellow. I had it planned, I had been working on drafts when, well, the fatigue and nausea started up. I lost most of my desire to do anything, but of course, I was going to power through for my kid.

And then he threw a wrench into my plans.

I am a crafty mom, I love making things and really looked forward to making his costume. But the truth is, the costumes and all the fun we make out of Halloween, we do for him.

So when he came running in one day to ask if he could trick or treat as a Ninja Turtle, I immediately said yes.

Sure, I was a little disappointed but again, it's about him having fun!

I did spend a week searching for ways to make an awesome costume. But as I began sifting through and saving works from cosplayers [Yea, I can't just look at what a normal person would do, I had to search the professionals!], it just began to look like more work than I had the energy for.

And let's be honest, kids like the cheesy store bought costumes I loath.

So I swallowed my pride and just bought the costume. Done.

And then I probably took a nap.

I did have to do ONE thing to make myself feel better, ha, I bought green face paint and green hair paint so he would at least be all GREEN. If you pop back up to the top image, you can see his face is all green and I outlined his eyes in white.

I also had plans to at least take him downtown and take photos in the city, you know, where a Ninja Turtle lives and it just never happened. I was sick all the time, could hardly eat and hardly had energy.

So I took a few photos prior to starting trick or treating and guess what, life went on!

Despite not getting to make a costume or do my photoshoot, everything went on just fine. The kiddo had fun, he got candy and he was HAPPY.

Okay, I'm lying just a little.

He was not happy about taking photos directly before trick or treating, but I knew it was my only chance!

The good news for me?

He talked about wanting to do something more original next year. Like a Zombie or Vampire... I know that's not "original" but he wants to break away from being a specific character and I love the way he thinks.

Trust me, I'm plotting. You can't just be a zombie! Maybe you're Zombie Mozart or a Zombie Cowboy!? 

Here's his best "Ninja Pose"... it says, "Please hurry up and take your photo so I can go!"

Oh and I forgot to mention he was Raphael, if you're a turtle fan you knew that but just in case! He chose the Turtle, I thought he'd want to be Donnie or Mikey, but he chose Raph.

I even triple checked with him before hitting the order button.

Raphael is my favorite turtle, this kid is more like me everyday.

Must be scary for my Husband.

Life: It's a Baby!

6:00 AM

I haven't been able to write, at all for over a month now. It all started with fatigue, so much fatigue, which I credited to other circumstances in my life at the time. And then a very important monthly appointment passed, a day or two late is no big deal, right?

But what if you've been on time for a good year straight!?

And then, as suddenly as an unwanted stomach bug, the nausea kicked in and regrettably the other half of that symptom came with it.

I didn't need a test to tell me, after all, this was not my first rodeo! Four days late and I was 99.9% sure I knew. I gave it 7 days and the test confirmed...

We're having a BABY.

I've been unable to write anything, despite the many drafts I have waiting. I can't stand to look at the cute clothes I was going to post as what I wear when... I can hardly wear them anymore.

And food. How can I write you a recipe about food when I look at the photo and just want to puke at the sight of food. Not to mention my taste buds are malfunctioning, I couldn't honestly tell you if the recipe was good.

Plus, all I can think about are babies and I wasn't ready to share!

But now, I've reached the point that I'm ready to share, everyone knows including facebook, instagram and twitter, so it's time it graced my blog so I can focus on telling you all how miserable I am.

I am happy and excited to be having a baby.

I am miserable because I can hardly eat and so much won't even stay in my stomach, my son was never this horrible to me when he was in utero.

When I was pregnant with my son, I would feel nauseous but I never lost my lunch. I just avoided the foods the triggered my nausea and ate what I liked beside that.

Whoever is in utero now? They hate EVERYTHING. One day I like carrots, the next I can't stand the sight of them. One moment I decide I want queso from Ted's and by time my husband drives there and back, the thought of it makes me sick.

Many people think this means I am probably having a girl, we shall see!

So here is where I am now:

- I am 12 weeks along
- I am negative 6 pounds off my already healthy weight, sad face
- Sick and tired, all the time
- I have zero favorite foods, it hurts to be a foodie
- I crave red meat! I was a vegetarian with my son, couldn't eat meat [except for chicken strips]
- While I am super tired all day, I struggle going to sleep and feel wide awake most nights. It's not much fun staying awake until 3 am and being woke up at 7 by my kiddo. Yaaaaawwwwnnnnnn.

And that pretty much summarizes my pregnancy so far.

I don't have any definite feelings on a boy or girl, I really want/need a little girl in my life but I am in love with the idea of brothers. I just love babies and children, I'll be happy either way! 

People say the terrible sickness is a sign it's probably a girl, but you just never know. Every pregnancy and baby is different, I don't think there is one tell all sign that fits everyone.

The Chinese baby predictor says it's probably a boy though, ha.

Only time will tell.

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