Life: It's a Baby!

I haven't been able to write, at all for over a month now. It all started with fatigue, so much fatigue, which I credited to other circumstances in my life at the time. And then a very important monthly appointment passed, a day or two late is no big deal, right?

But what if you've been on time for a good year straight!?

And then, as suddenly as an unwanted stomach bug, the nausea kicked in and regrettably the other half of that symptom came with it.

I didn't need a test to tell me, after all, this was not my first rodeo! Four days late and I was 99.9% sure I knew. I gave it 7 days and the test confirmed...

We're having a BABY.

I've been unable to write anything, despite the many drafts I have waiting. I can't stand to look at the cute clothes I was going to post as what I wear when... I can hardly wear them anymore.

And food. How can I write you a recipe about food when I look at the photo and just want to puke at the sight of food. Not to mention my taste buds are malfunctioning, I couldn't honestly tell you if the recipe was good.

Plus, all I can think about are babies and I wasn't ready to share!

But now, I've reached the point that I'm ready to share, everyone knows including facebook, instagram and twitter, so it's time it graced my blog so I can focus on telling you all how miserable I am.

I am happy and excited to be having a baby.

I am miserable because I can hardly eat and so much won't even stay in my stomach, my son was never this horrible to me when he was in utero.

When I was pregnant with my son, I would feel nauseous but I never lost my lunch. I just avoided the foods the triggered my nausea and ate what I liked beside that.

Whoever is in utero now? They hate EVERYTHING. One day I like carrots, the next I can't stand the sight of them. One moment I decide I want queso from Ted's and by time my husband drives there and back, the thought of it makes me sick.

Many people think this means I am probably having a girl, we shall see!

So here is where I am now:

- I am 12 weeks along
- I am negative 6 pounds off my already healthy weight, sad face
- Sick and tired, all the time
- I have zero favorite foods, it hurts to be a foodie
- I crave red meat! I was a vegetarian with my son, couldn't eat meat [except for chicken strips]
- While I am super tired all day, I struggle going to sleep and feel wide awake most nights. It's not much fun staying awake until 3 am and being woke up at 7 by my kiddo. Yaaaaawwwwnnnnnn.

And that pretty much summarizes my pregnancy so far.

I don't have any definite feelings on a boy or girl, I really want/need a little girl in my life but I am in love with the idea of brothers. I just love babies and children, I'll be happy either way! 

People say the terrible sickness is a sign it's probably a girl, but you just never know. Every pregnancy and baby is different, I don't think there is one tell all sign that fits everyone.

The Chinese baby predictor says it's probably a boy though, ha.

Only time will tell.

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