17 Week Bump and Baby Update

Oh happy day, I've finally hit the second trimester and I'm finally getting some energy back, day by day. The appetite comes and goes, but at least I have one now!

About the baby, everything is going fine with him/her, growing well, labs are all good, at this time we have nothing to worry about. Except for maybe, who is in there!?

I had a doctor's appointment this past Monday and our Doctor offered to take a peek if we wanted to, of course I wanted to.

Our wonderful nurse looked around, but baby was a squiggler and the umbilical cord kept getting in the way, but she thought she saw something. Our Doctor took a look too, she faced the same issues with baby but thought she saw the same thing. But we won't know for sure until our official ultrasound appointment on the 19th, then the fun can begin!

What did they think they saw? Well... they both thought they were seeing girl parts, but due the umbilical cord they couldn't get a clear view and encouraged us not to jump on the pink wagon just yet.

I haven't bought anything but I'm totally riding the wagon, so says my secret pinterest board.

If you're a boy, I'm really sorry for all my poor planning! At least pinterest boards can be deleted, I'm not painting or decorating yet.

On another note, I have not taken the obligatory baby bump photos, mostly because my bump is still so small! I have hardly gained weight, so it's all baby up front right now and he/she just reached the growing stage, so I'll have more bump in a few weeks!

Until then, I present my speed bump:

Other pregnancy occurrences include my skin reverting back to teenager stage, looking uneven and acneish.

Also, chili cheese coney cravings like MAAAAADDDDDD.

As well as queso, anything chocolate, peppermint, coffee, orange juice and sherbert.

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