23 Week Bump and Baby Update

Apparently I am not very good at documenting the baby bump, week 17 was the last time I officially took a photo. How awesome am I? But at the same time, I was completely aware that there isn't a huge change week to week and so I like putting a little gap in between.

I also like making excuses to make myself feel good about not getting things done.

You can't tell in the photo, but I took this in our dining room, which we just ripped all the wallpaper off of this past weekend. So I am keeping busy!

You can see the 17 week bump and compare.

So what is has changed since last time?
Well, I'm still in love with junk food and spicy food, all of which kill me. But she also enjoys a salad and kind of lets me eat deer meat. She was totally into duck and dumplings soup the other day, but cravings vary day to day.

I have oddly specific cravings too, like the other day I was craving brownies. But I didn't just want brownies, I wanted a whole pan, to myself and I wanted to slowly eat it with a fork while it was still warm.

To be safe, I just didn't have any brownies, at all.

She's moving like crazy! My son and my husband have their hands on my stomach anytime they see me placing my hands where I feel movement. I've especially fallen in love with her fondness for her Father, he'll fall asleep next to me with his hand on my stomach and I can feel her pressing against his hand. Not kicking, punching or moving, just resting there where her daddy is.

And I just got all misty eyed, the second trimester has been all about ill timed tears for me. This morning I noticed I couldn't see my feet when I looked down, so I started crying. The tears just started rolling, it's ridiculous.

I've named my second trimester, The Weepies, for this reason.

And baby's health?

According to our last ultrasound and Dr's appt, baby is doing great and so am I. We're both healthy and looking good. She is running small, Dr. Miller said she was only missing growth by 2-3 days, so this early it wasn't anything to be concerned about.

My son was 9lbs 5oz, so I could really go for a smaller baby. Maybe she'll be a petite gal and I will actually have a kid that won't outgrow me. I see my son towering over me by the time he's 10, he's tall like his father.

And baby's closet?

Ha.... One of my friends offered me an intervention because of my Baby Girl pin board with 300+ pins. I haven't bought a ton for her, though I've hit a few consignment stores in the city and online to catch summer clothes on the cheap. I've been able to get several GAP, Old Navy and other nice baby brands without spending much.

I'm trying to hold off buying anything else until after my baby shower.

As far as baby items, I have been blessed by my friends generosity with hand me downs. I don't complain about free stuff, even if it's blue, who cares? So we have a swing, bouncer, bumbo, boppy, rocky bassinet thing and a walker, hooray!

I made registries at Target, Walmart and Amazon to maybe fill the gaps, but we plan to make an Ikea trip in March to pick up furniture for her room. [The nearest Ikea is 3 hours away in Dallas, so it's a trip!] We have all tile floors, so she needs a rug and I'm demanding new rugs in other rooms too. I'll have a baby on the floors soon, no nasty old rugs!

And that is all I have at this moment. I have an appt on Friday, so I'll try to update on the bump next week.

- Amanda

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